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  • fuck you, this is a real thing whether you like it or not. also, fucking Dishammer motherfuckers, they're the kings of 'blackened crust'. Fuck Iskra, being the first to do something doesn't always mean you're the best. Dishammer is what I compare everything 'blackened crust' to.
  • ill keep that in mind
  • Complete shit, arguably the most annoying and worthless faux-underground subgenre yet, even worse than cascadian BM or suicidal-depressive.
  • Best Genre ever
  • I usually prefer mine with pineapple, onion, and ham, but that's just me. [2]
  • I usually prefer mine with pineapple, onion, and ham, but that's just me.
  • Holy shit, Young and In the Way are fucking amazing. [3]
  • darkthrone? never ever
  • Hey! Lets support USA crust Cathasis by voting for pictures and tags fuck Russian power metal lol!
  • delicious
  • Just how i like my pizza [2]
  • Holy shit, Young and In the Way are fucking amazing.
  • Atmospheric Blackened Crust for fans of Fall Of Efrafa, His Hero Is Gone, black metal bands will illegible/unpronounceable names, and ECW.
  • FUCKKKKKK my toaster is set too high i have blackened crust
  • I love this kind of metal. It is like furious >:D
  • Just how I like my pizza.
  • A lot of good bands and i'm just starting to get into this genre.
  • просто отличный сплит\
  • Disräpe 7 song EP download (raw crusty d-beat hardcore) :
  • death is pwned by core, show no mercy for black
  • everyone check out RAMLORD
  • Nonsense.
  • Your point?
  • Crust that isn't raw isn't crust to begin with. This is in conjunction with the fact that neocrust is false crust.
  • No.
  • destroy this subgenre
  • Yes, really. That is, unless you count tremolo picked riffs and blast beats as black metal... Anyway, if you do, you are a fucking idiot and your brain is probably in a bog somewhere.
  • @suicide_mouse Go ahead, burn your churches and stop crying
  • Hatred Surge-era Napalm Death. [3]
  • Not when most of the bands under the label exhibit absolutely no black metal in their sound
  • v you need to fuck off
  • free demo
  • i thought blackened crust was the result of burnt toast.
  • I've always found it hard to translate my love for Grindcore into any type of appreciation for Black Metal. This might just be my in... Skitsystem rules!
  • /need
  • i listened to iskra a bit in the last time. i dont hear that much black metal in it. its just not the typical crust sound. the vocals remind me of black metal. but nothing else to be honest. oh well, yes it does. its pretty similar to some us black metal acts. but they dont sound like typical black metal either... anyway those bands are pritty wicked!
  • How is the term ingrate applicable here?
  • You ingrates, it's not a genre name, it's a description of a sound. Do you not know how tags work?
  • What a stupid name for a genre.
  • That sounds like fuking christmas, break out the turkey legs
  • What an innovative concept for a genre. Let's take unlistenable noise and combine it with more unlistenable noise.


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