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  • Gift Giver are just a nu-metal/metalcore band. Don't get it either.
  • sworn in aren't beatdown, gift giver is beatdown/downtempo metalcore (and shitty)
  • So what's up with bands like gift giver and sworn in calling themselves beatdown? I mean they're good bands and all but they're not really beatdown.
  • Beatdown Hardcore and Downtempo archive
  • And metal :) mostly metal :)))
  • Right, I forgot that metalcore didn't grow out of hardcore punk.
  • and sludge metal.
  • Honestly Xibalba is the best thing that has happened to Beatdown since Hatebreed. The end.
  • btw check beatdown hardcore page there's an accurate descpription of what beatdown is, i don't think you can simply classify beatdown as "brutal metalcore"
  • that's why i call it metallic hardcore, because people tend to associate the term metalcore with modern bands

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