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  • now it's cool, i see
  • best music style!
  • 'beatdown hardcore sucks'.......dont listen to it then you beef smoker
  • beatdown "hardcore" sucks
  • Wiggercore.
  • wankcore at its finest
  • So I guess beatdown, if it has to be used as a term, is applicable to bands which overlap rapcore with deathcore. Which pretty much limits the number of bands to ZERO.
  • Beatdown = Stupid musical term coined by people not satisfied by the abundant amount of "core" genres. Just without the "core" suffix...so that all of the "totally hardcore, brutal and intense" kiddies can get away with listening to it, without it being "trendy" deathcore. What is listed here is either rapcore or deathcore. And so help me Satan, if a band blends the two styles, I will fucking scream.
  • my town is overrun with these goons. all they know is MOSH MOSH MOSH
  • I like positive hardcore--based on the name alone, but also what I've seen of the bands and their fans, this is macho bullshit. Some of the sound is admittedly great though. For non-macho-bullshit positive hardcore of equally devastating intensity, check out [artist]Have Heart[/artist].
  • some are good but some are truly shity
  • affirmative
  • :)
  • slooooooooooow
  • yeah kind of hardcore, pretty slow, breakdowns n chugga chugga riffing, twostep part., heavy and brutal <3
  • cunthunt777 slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  • ganz egal wie die richtung beschrieben wird, ist doch egal weil eh jeder für sich selbst eine richtung definiert, das einzige was zählt is doch, dass man die musik hört und sofort in pit will und sich dort von der musik führen lässt
  • simply the most brutal, aggressive, toughest style
  • maybe,.. hip hop influenced hardcore...?!
  • Yeah, a description of the genre would be interesting.
  • okay, so try to describe it
  • probably a slowest and heaviest kind of hardcore. am i right?
  • Whati s beatdown music?


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