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  • Beatdown is good stuff. Haters Gonna Hate.
  • Oh stop hating guys. I'm really starting to get into Beatdown. The lyrics are always so true and powerful. This is a genre I'll stand by for the rest of my life.
  • [url=]How to two step[/url]
  • hmm, a less brutal version of wigger slam. not that bad, but these guys are all look stupid with that corekiddy image..
  • chugga chugga? WTF? it seems these tag were made by Orks of DOW... and what the fuck on earth is brutal hip hop? Kanye wearing a Carnifex T-shirt? dude, stuff like this makes laugh my ass off. Keep up the good work, my little tag-making minions from hell.
  • Als die Leute auf den Shows alle noch gleich aussahn.
  • now my life is complete .. just kidding
  • wiggers with guitars and zero skill
  • Is it a breakdown when it lasts the entire song?
  • Wigger vocals? What the xD
  • "often containing wigger styled vocals" wait, what?
  • lol, thats a pretty concise description
  • @Total1mmortal sounds awesome
  • "often containing wigger styled vocals" Fuckin' A!
  • Szeneputzen!
  • seriously, if you dont like it, then why are you on this page? Stop wasting your time and comment on something you like.
  • aii simmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Hey DemonCashew, you have too much of a life, get rid of it.
  • "often containing wigger styled vocals and chugga chugga style song structures." lulz. Beatdown sucks :)
  • ewww
  • this whole argument is stupid , beatdown is not made to to listen to in your bedroom its made to be played live and if you judge it for anything other than that it wont be very good but in a live setting beatdown bands are usually awesome
  • "often containing wigger styled vocals" ololololol
  • hey, DemonCashew , go get a life man.
  • foda a descrição HAHAHA
  • you suck. your taste in music sucks. beatdown sucks.
  • oh, one song makes black metal not gay. neat.
  • "explain to me how black metal isnt faggot metal?" Solarfall by Immortal. That is all.
  • classic
  • explain to me how black metal isnt faggot metal? lol... i dare you to try. then again, i dont pretend to be a goblin. i tend to stay a little more grounded. so you fail at calling out ignorance.
  • You must be pretty bored.
  • oh so, you have to listen to one specific genre to fit in anywhere eh? nice cliche ignorance. and to say any genre is "superior" is inferior.
  • Hardcore with slam death metal riffs. That's dumb. Really really dumb. And anyone who likes this is really really dumb. So fucking dumb.
  • nice false superiority you give yourself on a shoutbox.
  • amusing how everyone who says this is wiggercore, listens to black metal, doom metal, and other bullshit faggot metal like that. if you dont like a genre, dont post in the shoutbox on it. simple as that. is this too hard to understand for you immature children?
  • breakdown chugchugchug punch you in the face wear this fitted punchin people bring the mosh motherfuckers because i'm hard as fuck.
  • Death Before Dishonor!
  • The day there isn't a New Era cap in top artists, I'll be suprised.
  • what the hell is considered wiggercore?
  • wiggercore
  • Lustige Diskussion hier. Wer bissle auf Hc Konzerten zu gegen ist, wird schon festellen, was der Unterschied zw Nasty/SFD/BunDemOut/Fallbrawl/IBWT/ShatteredRealm bla bla und Madball/AgnosticFront/GoodCleanFun/Ritual/DownToNoghting/HaveHeart bla bla oder so ist.. Himmelhergott... Internet. Tz. Beatdown = Hc mit langezogenen Moshparts und spez für ViolentDancing und 2step ausgerichtet. Hatebreed und Throwdown klingen auch wiederum anders.. die kann man als Moshcore oder hc/metal bezeichnen. Oder will hier die ernsthaft wer mit Shattered Realm oder Havehart vergleichen?^^
  • yo brah lets pound some jägerbombs back, play gears of war and listen to CDC tight?
  • Variation of hardcore?
  • is beatdown!? this can not be a real tag hahaha.
  • wigger shit
  • So......many.........useless.......genres.......BWAHHHHHHHHHHHHH Allfalldown - I'd gladly take som recommendations on bands you don't consider donky-dong-blowing.
  • Hardcore ranging with fast punk beats to slow two step parts to breakdowns that make someone want to punch babies. most of these bands blow donkey dong but some are good. Tough-guy-core


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