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  • Sworn In and Gift Giver are the same genre. Neither are beatdown you dumbshit lol. ˅
  • sworn in aren't beatdown, gift giver is beatdown/downtempo metalcore (and shitty)
  • So what's up with bands like gift giver and sworn in calling themselves beatdown? I mean they're good bands and all but they're not really beatdown.
  • Beatdown Hardcore and Downtempo archive
  • And metal :) mostly metal :)))
  • Right, I forgot that metalcore didn't grow out of hardcore punk.
  • and sludge metal.
  • Honestly Xibalba is the best thing that has happened to Beatdown since Hatebreed. The end.
  • btw check beatdown hardcore page there's an accurate descpription of what beatdown is, i don't think you can simply classify beatdown as "brutal metalcore"
  • that's why i call it metallic hardcore, because people tend to associate the term metalcore with modern bands
  • @punkrockalfred Except beatdown isn't hardcore punk. It's a form of metalcore, mainly 90's metalcore not the modern shit.
  • It's definetely more metal than punk. I don't think you can qualify beatdown as punk subgenre, but it's obviously influenced by punk.
  • Right, I forgot that hardcore didn't grow out of punk.
  • Beatdown isn't punk @punkrockalfred
  • @Misanthropist9 I don't listen to Hatebreed so at least my hormone levels are in check
  • @punkrockalfred says someone who listens to blink 182 and drake lol
  • beatdown the power metal of hardcore
  • Beatdown hardcore (or youth crew)... what [2]. haha, definitely there is no difference, practically the same, lol
  • This is the cancer of the entire genre of punk
  • - beatdown archive!
  • Beatdown hardcore (or youth crew)... what
  • que descrição boa
  • Tha fuck is a beatdown?
  • I agree; genre info sections shouldn't be written by a person who doesn't like that particular genre. So rewrite it yourself.
  • I dont think genre info sections should be written by people who don't like them.[2]
  • Hilarious.
  • I dont think genre info sections should be written by people who don't like them.
  • check out slamming beatdown from Poland, ex-Down 2 Concrete members!!!
  • Beerdown 4lyf
  • Adorei a descrição rsrsrsrrsr
  • If a beatdown band made happy music, would it be an upbeat beatdown band?
  • It's easier to say "know any good beatdown bands?" than to say "know any good hardcore bands with really slow breakdowns? Like y'know, the super slow chuggy breakdowns, you know the type?"
  • What a cool genre. Just call it "hardcore" and fuck off with these useless "genres".
  • This shit is very gay and more like metal than hardcore.
  • So has anyone pointed out that this shit is amazingly gay yet?
  • Beatdown = Best
  • perfect
  • All those fags that come on Tag page to say "beatdown is shit" and spread their rage should listen some beatdown... that should destress themselve and take out all the anger that they hide :D
  • lol German Beatdown bands are heaps funnier than their American counterparts. Also Suffokate? Well I kind of see how it's applicable...
  • brocore.
  • cool stuff
  • Has to be one or the more ridiculous tags I have seen.
  • i started hating the word/tag "beatdown"; call it hardcore, waaaay better, i dont think "beatdown" is a genre.
  • Defiler is in the hyped artists. This tag is dead.
  • "not into this kind of music. although, i would prefer white people posing as black people to play metal rather than rap any day so. i'm not going to bash it's existence." ahahaha well said. I don't rly like it that much either, except occasionally when I'm in a cognitively lazy mood and I just want some slow and low chugging.
  • but this is rap
  • the slams and breakdowns are great, vocals are also ok, in the other hand, the usual guitar tune is weak and some riffs sounds like they were made by my little sister, this is not good.
  • the fuck are wigger vocals..
  • i like it more and more...mosh !!!


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