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  • Depressive Rock from the city where Joan D'Arc got burned. Free download.
  • Experimental\\Psychedelic Jazz. Free download.
  • Listen my new ambient/dark ambient melody on Bandcamp: - More Diropel on Facebook:
  • Chill Trip Hop, Soulful Downtempo (Air Relaxing Mixtape Vol,5) by DJ Gami.K
  • Free to download: Atmospheric Black Metal mixed with genres like Post-rock and Shoegaze
  • if u like slow music join this group
  • A Retrospective Collection of Atmospheric Instrumentals from Scandinavia.
  • pure noise manifestation - self titled Please check it, a lot of different styles are mixed in this release
  • Hey, guys! I need your help, check the video teaser for my upcoming album full of dark atmosphere
  • My new ambient LP available on Bandcamp. Follow my music on Facebook:
  • My understanding of atmospheric it is the polite way of saying it's dull and boring. It's like the ugly people who have nice personalities. Not for me I'm afraid.
  • Light melodies and atmospheric sounds from Finland!
  • I also want to hear: Exospheric Thermospheric Mesospheric Stratospheric Tropospheric
  • using reverb does make stuff sound more atmospheric
  • lol at these tagged artists being called atmospheric just because they use some reverb.
  • Instrumental Atmospheric |
  • What gives a song atmosphere and why would any songs lack it unless it was a beeping sound chip?
  • Reverb or delay =/= atmospheric.
  • Who the fuck tags anything as atmospheric and why? I heard of "atmospheric black metal" when I was 16 and thought it was a joke.
  • who the fuck tags david bowie as atmospheric
  • ♥♥♥ love it
  • who the fuck tags crystal castles 'atmospheric' really guys come on
  • Burial ♥♥♥♥♥
  • fffffffffffffllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg
  • Instrumental Atmospheric/Ambient
  • My very own 'ambient' project...⊙l I don't want to force anyone to take a listen... But it would really mean a lot to me if u could just take some time, listen and give feedback.
  • - Abstinenciadivinorium & Ugasanie : drone, dark ambient, folk
  • new album by Whinchcanche Bone-Stahn ambient/experimental/ritual/soundscape/abstract hip hop based on recordings of xanax and percocet addict's freestyles/black metal
  • Hi. Listen to: Russian post rock / ambient / instrumental
  • polish one-man project. Amtospheric doom/goth
  • Atmospheric instrumental americana from Western Skies Motel.
  • please take moment to listen to these instrumentals more stuff comes every week
  • Hi. Listen to: post rock / ambient / instrumental
  • Hi all! Listen Neanox (russian post-rock/ambient/post metal) on the waves of!
  • Burial ♥
  • First track 'moon' by the ambient project S⊙l. Free for download at and bandcamp.⊙l
  • Check out first EP [album artist=I Remember Lemuria]I Remember Lemuria[/album] from spanish ambient post-rock project [artist]I Remember Lemuria[/artist]. Released on White Tape Records netlabel
  • I lol'd when I saw the XX on here.
  • - The album of my project - Dreamerion - called "All Gods Are Dumb". Music for fans of such genres as neoclassical/dark ambient/atmospheric rock and metal. Greets from Poland!
  • Anathema much better than Alcest
  • Hi. Check out latvian atmospheric dark ambient project [artist]Galapunkts[/artist] debut album [album artist=Galapunkts]Shadows Beyond The Window[/album]. You can download it for free.
  • This mix tells the story of a soldier's death during battle & his journey into the afterlife. >>
  • New Mutiara Damansara EP (Post-Black Metal from France) available for Free on Seventh Crow Records
  • - new Forgotten Name material is out now ! :) check it out if you don't know it.
  • Black Veil Of Light – Music For A Sleeping Night


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