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  • Avatar för RomanyDagger
    Funny that King Crimson is here when Fripp hates the genre so much.
  • Avatar för Venerated
    https://humanfuture.bandcamp.com/ Our debut album, 'Spectrum', is available to download for free and vinyl can be ordered from http://www.holyroarrecords.com/categories/truthseeker
  • Avatar för Vintage_Nature
    A Retrospective Collection of Sensitive Instrumentals from Scandinavia. http://www.last.fm/music/Vintage+and+Nature/Dark+Gallery
  • Avatar för 29700761
    ART ROCK-WHEN THE MUSIC IS ART. This spotify list reviewing the great moments of a style of music that is above all a way of life. http://playlistspotify.wordpress.com/2014/09/24/art-rock-when-the-music-is-art/
  • Avatar för julian2qs
    Blue Mammoth - progressive rock band - visit our site http://www.bluemammothband.com/ or hear the full album on https://soundcloud.com/bluemammoth
  • Avatar för ThomasMercury
    http://www.last.fm/music/Tristan+Zaba/Thoughts+Past+Pondered I know this guy. He lives in my town. He's quite good.
  • Avatar för ddh2112
  • Avatar för grey_bunny
  • Avatar för mr_pandino
    New video from polish prog/art rock band [artist]Retrospective[/artist] watch it: [url=http://owsiaknet.pl/video/64021004/]here[/url]
  • Avatar för harsh18891
  • Avatar för agentmichaelsca
    http://answeringtogod.bandcamp.com please take a moment of your time
  • Avatar för pix3y
    Feel invited to listen and give us your opinion about music: http://www.lastfm.pl/music/Brain+Architect . Greetings! \m/_
  • Avatar för azarokara
    Personally I think that all music is art. The thing is though, there is good art and bad art.
  • Avatar för cannon57
    art as opposed to fun --
  • Avatar för next__
    what is art rock? I've heard some of these artists but I don't get what defines this genre-- how is this different from prog rock?
  • Avatar för Charles_Heres
    Oh, you think all music is art? Please, tell me how much you appreciate boy bands.
  • Avatar för mk741
  • Avatar för onlinebeatmaker
    love art rock!
  • Avatar för Mozzerella10
    all music is art! this is just a tag for pretentious people's music who think their music is art and other's isn't
  • Avatar för friendlyfire92
    [url=http://www.lastfm.se/group/I%27m+not+close-minded,+I+just+think+your+music+sucks] I'm not close-minded, I just think your music sucks[/url]
  • Avatar för michal-kichal
  • Avatar för nicejumping
    It begins and ends without Pinkfloyd [100501]
  • Avatar för Amoniack
  • Avatar för Amoniack
    Virus (norway)
  • Avatar för Amoniack
  • Avatar för pablo323
    "it begins with Pink Floyd ...and ends with Pink Floyd" Only in one-track minds ;-) There's so, so much more. Just look for it :-) [2]
  • Avatar för FauveTerror
    Muse as best representative from 2000's band
  • Avatar för mid-adven
    It begins and ends without Pinkfloyd [100500]
  • Avatar för Goldi_lox
  • Avatar för moarbagelfour
    Join if you hate your local music scene. http://www.last.fm/group/My+local+music+scene+is+not+experimental+enough.
  • Avatar för OrdinaryHero
    You guys will dig this new art rock concept album: [url=http://www.last.fm/music/J.+Condor/Killing+Creative/] Killing Creative [/url]
  • Avatar för lter__Impius
    "it begins with Pink Floyd ...and ends with Pink Floyd" Only in one-track minds ;-) There's so, so much more. Just look for it :-)
  • Avatar för noisecloudz
    Enter into my room, of pale colored hues. http://blackholescouts.bandcamp.com
  • Avatar för ummanturkoglu
    please check out this album http://www.last.fm/music/Comedy+Man i'd appreciate it!
  • Avatar för outrenoir
    v yeah, it's all about concept as much as the music itself. Experimental rock is a Wikipedia genre, it's totally meaningless. Art & Prog both came from Psychedelic Rock and the big stage extravaganzas of early Floyd and those other guys. Same things to begin with, they both experimented with song structure and content, but basically branched into bands more focused on songs as a vehicle for performance art (not necessarily overly complex) vs those more focused on the instrumental, "technical" side (prog). Wikipedia article is awful but the talk page has some interesting stuff including on what happened to art rock after punk (RIO/ avant-prog is sort of written out of art rock a lot...) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Art_rock#On_prog_and_art_rock.2C_new_wave
  • Avatar för JeffersonBV
    So what's the difference between Art Rock, Experimental Rock and Progressive Rock?
  • Avatar för bogdanz951
    it begins with Pink Floyd ...and ends with Pink Floyd [8]
  • Avatar för nicob17
    yea its not stupid at all. the (c)rap tag is the stupidest
  • Avatar för outrenoir
    lots of prog bands are art rock though. the terms are quite broad
  • Avatar för prithuduwarah
    it begins with Pink Floyd ...and ends with Pink Floyd [7]
  • Avatar för slimebee
    Thanks Everybody?
  • Avatar för SweetSpot92
    it begins with Pink Floyd ...and ends with Pink Floyd [5]
  • Avatar för Mercenarion
    @GundamWang: Implying it isn't indie
  • Avatar för hammerstrikebg
    it begins with Pink Floyd ...and ends with Pink Floyd [3]
  • Avatar för porcelain_tree
    In the 1970's "art rock" was invented to describe bands who lay between mainstream music and progressive rock. It's as meaningful as "new wave" -- whatever that means. Bands like Be Bop Deluxe (wonderful band!) and Roxy Music fit in there. The definition is pretty narrow, and few of the Top Artists listed above fit in this genre. I'm only an expert because I lived through that era.
  • Avatar för EruLawli3t
    it begins with Pink Floyd ...and ends with Pink Floyd [2]
  • Avatar för seko0408888
    it begins with Pink Floyd ...and ends with Pink Floyd
  • Avatar för outrenoir
    go complain to people in the 60s
  • Avatar för hemol33
    Wow, can't believe there are people out there that think all music is art (and so this tag doesn't make sense). Is it MTVs job to castrate the meaning of "art"? How can one call e.g. Linkin Park or Rihanna an art? Please, stay true, don't mess Art with Shit!
  • Avatar för rtms1988
    Love, love, love, I love very much!!


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