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  • LOL the shoutbox on the folk tag is filled with kind words and warmth, and the antifolk tag shoutbox is filled with bile and hate... seems about right.
  • anitfolk is pretty much the same as folk so why don't you all just calm the fuck down and quit whining
  • this shouldn't even be a genre
  • I've seen folk songs getting tagged as anti-folk, how come?
  • antifolk is so dildos you're all faggots
  • lol u guize r hipsters
  • I don't care what Regina Spektor is all I know is she is my favorite artist ever and The Moldy peaches rock my socks.
  • I'm not an expert, but Regina Spektor has never really struck me as particularly Anti-Folk. I really love her work, but it doesn't seem very similar to the other Anti-Folk that I've heard.

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