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  • "North and South America are not one continent either but two continents' LOL [2] go back to your geography classes." Apparently you need to go back to class since that statement was correct. There are 7 continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.
  • beck!
  • This tag is pretty much pointless.
  • im. surprised at the top artists?
  • varsity fanclub = LOVE
  • here american = USA. deal with it -.-
  • Actually, North and South America ARE two different continents.
  • soon this failed state will crumble and fall!
  • and now the most hyped artist is from illinois.
  • Also, lol that this tags most hyped artist at the moment is actually Australian.
  • Americans call themselves Americans and refer to their country as "America." In this instance it is neither politically wrong or inappropriate. Get over it.
  • Gypsy and the cat AREN'T FUCKING AMERICAN.
  • Everyone who posted in this shoutbox is American.
  • "North and South America are not one continent either but two continents" LOL [2] go back to your geography classes.
  • какой-то очень странный тег 0_о
  • why does this tag exist?
  • >> "North and South America are not one continent either but two continents" LOL
  • is not america is the united states of america,lol
  • sper să vă ia dracu pe toți americanii
  • "America is a country, not a continent" I lol'd
  • This tag's shit.
  • America is a country, not a continent. North and South America are not one continent either but two continents. Get your terms straight.
  • What LordRama said, but not what battleaxed said.
  • Стоит ли отмечать этим тэгом группу, в которой на определённых промежутках карьеры были американцы, но большая часть группы - неамериканцы?
  • Patti!
  • America is a continent, not only usa, stupid morons....
  • This is an awful tag...
  • horrible people
  • mainstream american music is really crappy. Half the stuff on the radio makes me gag or want to kill myself.
  • I think the people who use this tag aren't american. there are probably the same amount of americans using tags like 'canadian' or 'british.' these tags are just as useless as 'indie' or 'indie folk' or anything else containing 'indie.'
  • A tag that is a waste for other tag's space.
  • what a fucking horrible tag
  • As an American, I am rather ashamed of the artists listed here...
  • cogsturning, I guess you are just stupid, cuz no one cares wether you are sick or not.
  • This is the right tag for artists from the US, right? Cuz I tagged one of my Unknowns as American over a year ago, and it's still coming up as unknown in the list. :-P Maybe the app is waiting for more "votes."
  • United Statish Of Americanish
  • Judas Iscariot
  • @ cogsturning : Yes, but they're need for those "Nationality of my listened artists, statistical breakdown..." type applications. Which I think are quite interesting.
  • the regard friends! calling at butt-end on page listen the group a Seasoning album Gde-to this simply прекрассные canto in performance boy their sexual voice beautiful texts неоставят you indifferent добоаляите album Gde-to group Seasoning to itself in library. Thank you my dear friends
  • im so sick of these pointless nationality tags
  • nalee: American = from the United States. No one english-speaking refers to any nationality apart from that of the US as American. With that in mind someone should probably do something about the wiki.
  • Hi, I'm a trip-hop and abstract composer, come check my page!
  • my favourite tag xD
  • :)
  • holyfuckingshittherearealotofbadbandshere. *shame*
  • Could you tag Al di Meola as american, please, he's not spanish. Thanks :)


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