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  • If you like INDIE MUSIC, check out my top 50 videos EVERY WEEK for new music recommendations:
  • ambient/rock:
  • This will make you relax
  • Autharktos - Apatheia (2015, RMH)
  • Top Artists: Moby - what?? I didn't realize Moby was ambient. No top artists like Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Michael Stearns? What crap.
  • Wet is a band you shouldn't be missing out on.. check out their song Weak!
  • Ambient Radio:
  • just gonna post this shit here idk
  • New ambient/dark ambient music project:
  • Hi New Music
  • New hazy tape loop ambient from Rest You Sleeping Giant. For fans of Grouper
  • What the fuck is "semi-audible music"? Someone straight pulled that term out of their ass.
  • this music will take you into the deepest space without the illicit drugs
  • I really love it. Thank you [url=] Ilmu Judi
  • If you like ambient or dark ambient, you should listen this
  • It is delight to announce Autharktos´ brand new issue Hellanschauung is out now. It continues to trudge across the landscapes of psycho-acoustic, drone, experimental electronic, noise, ambient, found sound, sound-art, glitched-out seeds, improvised music and many more compartments. These sounds are permeated with "errors", "dysfunctional" elements as flipsides of the artist`s playfulness and irony. As with previous albums so far the release can be downloaded at following sites:
  • This is the last album of my studio project. I hope to enjoy it!
  • > Discover my new release and lose yourself in the music <
  • Eyeless in Damascus. A new live improvised experimental electronic music. LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD FOR FREE
  • Enjoy how the celestial waves morph into a cosmic sound. Follow and feel the Inner Blind Sun:
  • Really love this. Thank you [url=] Bandar Bola
  • child's play
  • Experimental\\Psychedelic Jazz. Free download.
  • check my sound guys, hope you enjoy! :')
  • Here is an ambient playlist containing over 20 songs I've made! Everything is free for download! I hope you want to check out=)
  • Listen my new ambient/dark ambient melody on Bandcamp: - More Diropel on Facebook:
  • https//
  • Don't miss this one too,
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  • Oriental melodies, something of jazz, a bit of ethnic and renounced ambient. Very eclectic work. free download
  • Hi! Listen to my experimental ambient chillstep track!
  • Want some ambient tunage? Feel free to check out out new album: Also, find us on soundcloud!
  • Feel to hearing my new musical project Ambient / Dark Ambient
  • New single from EeerieSounds featuring Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Remix) #Electronic #Alternative #Ambient #Noise
  • Chill Trip Hop, Soulful Downtempo (Air Relaxing Mixtape Vol,5) by DJ Gami.K
  • Free-to-download single from Shoegaze/Industrial tinged Post-Punk band
  • listen to my channel for some ambient fun
  • Listen my new ambient/dark ambient release on Bandcamp:
  • more music like this @ :)
  • free to download
  • This is boring, no melodies, just stupid sounds.
  • is a joke. every one puts in every tag just so it gets more views. clicking through 100 "ambient" tracks gets you metal, pop-rock, pop, country, and everything else. They shouldn't even have genres if they are just going to get abused.
  • New december 2014 - Ambient / Atmospheric Instrumental solo project from Spain. Download free: Bandcamp & Mega Link - -!hkVHHbZI!f6WJlPmauB0fZsYC9QzTc3-hDqIzNuBcN08IAoas2TY
  • True.
  • ↓ True.
  • Listen my ambient sounds on Soundcloud:


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