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  • Cloud Rap/Purrp/Slomo/Dream/Weird/Instrumental -
  • Check out [artist]Andrew Heritage[/artist]'s free new album [url=]I've Got Emotions Too on Bandcamp![/url]
  • Alternative hiphop song. About LSD.
  • Dope summary...That's a big kid talking...original B-BOY!
  • ?
  • Loving the Alt Hip-Hop music. Beastie Boys greatest of all time. Check out my channel and my music if you wanna hear some young, fresh alt rap. Just sayin.
  • wheres M.I.A? o.o
  • When I think alternative hip-hop.. Kanye, Common, Why?, The Roots, Black Star, and Atmosphere come to mind. Not shit like Shwayze and Gym Class Heroes.
  • [track artist=Adam Sapphire]OOPS, I ACCIDENTLY THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! (ft. GTUK)[/track] Lyrics by [artist]Adam Zivojnovich[/artist] AKA [artist]Adam Sapphire[/artist] beat by [artist]GTUK[/artist] [tag]nerdcore[/tag]/[tag]post-nerdcore[/tag]/[tag]indie[/tag]/[tag]8-bit[/tag]/[tag]electropunk[/tag]/[tag]experimental[/tag]/[tag]Nintendocore[/tag]

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