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  • I bet you didn't know this, but the Australian city of Perth got television in 1959.
  • the only genre i listen to. *adjusts ray bans*
  • very very interesting. no, really. [2]
  • very very interesting. no, really.
  • Yeah.. "Christian music" AND "Polish reggae" as related tags? Clearly, then, the elusive indie sub genre is Christian Polish Reggae.
  • best genre
  • illuminati
  • :is dazed and confused: haha, it's like some kind of indie sub-gender but then again when you're looking at the related tags you're like wtf. polish reggae? i have noah and the whale tagged as 131. yup, looks like this is gonna be one of the undefined genres.
  • found this, the question was where did 131 come from : "It's a relic of the ID3v1 spec. Back in the day, size mattered, and shaving bytes was important: instead of leaving genre as an open field, which could be any length, a list of genres was created that you could reference with a number. You can find the list of genres here: more info ."
  • My favorite tag on

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