22 maj 2007, 15:03

Dear Friends and Visitors,

welcome to our page - you can listen to our complete CD / CDR catalog here on - if you like our stuff or just want to support a devoted but very poor label / collective please visit the shop on our website and buy our CDs / Vinyls - thank you soo much.

naivsuper website

check out some of our artists:

Stephane Leonard / Olaf Hochherz / dis.playce / Dania Shapes / Christophe Bailleau / Sonic Kitchen / maximilian marcoll / Leo Mars / Perlonex / Juli Juni / Ensemble Sondarc / Diazo / volker hormann / Semuin / Anne Laplantine / W.O.O. Revelator / Jaime Fennelly / Olaf Rupp / Ilse Lau


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