Impromeetin' 2011


10 feb 2012, 19:39

enrcmp17 - Various Artists - Impromeetin' 2011

Impromeeting is a meeting place for the improvisation of sound artists from different artistic disciplines as a form of collaboration, experimentation and fun. Impromeeting accommodates musicians and non-musicians, narrators, poets, electronics, sound art, djing, turntablism or any other form of creating sound and noise from the point of view of experimental music. Organised by Mauri (producer, artist and dj). First edition was in 2010 and the second edition was on 10th of july 2011 in Gijón (Spain) with 4 artists from different musical styles (were first improvising in pairs, and ended up playing all together). The artists for Impromeetin’2011 were: Non Ergo (with a computer, synthesizer, and voice). vRED (electronic violoncelo, guitar, contrabass and some footswitch). Violeta Nureyev (bass and voice). Las Casi Casiotone (with 2 MacBook Pro, Midi controller, delay footswitch and microphone).

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