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Release Date: 16.02.2007

Silver wedding: Compost Records celebrates it’s 250th release!!! More than 1.700 songs released, in the business for 13 years and still making mad noise! On our 100th jubilee Gilles Peterson said: “With great pleasure I pronounce Compost the most consistent and forward thinking record label of continental Europe.“ Even 150 catalogue numbers later, there is not the faintest reason for doubting this quote. Just take one look at the impressive list of newcomers on Compost in 2006: Nova Dream Sequence, Alif Tree, Marsmobil, Jean-Paul Bondy, Soil & Pimp Session, Muallem, Shahrokh SoundofK. Names you are going to hear from, word! But during the last months there have been reunions with old friends too. Both Karma as well as Koop enchanted us with their new albums.

„Freshly Composted Vol. 2“ provides on one hand an extensive survey of the most important releases on Compost from the past year but on the other hand also an exclusive forecast to the new Ben Mono album which is going to be released in early spring. Speaking of exclusiveness: besides Ben’s sneak preview „Jesus Was A B-Boy“ there are six more tracks on this CD which were previously only available on 12“ vinyl but now finally make their way into your cd players and car systems. including breathtaking remixes by grandmasters of the game like Carl Craig, Moodymann, Todd Terje or Robag Wruhme. And just like you are used to, this Compost compilation leaves behind stylistic boundaries and offers a diversified mixture of disco, house, techno, soul, jazz, a little bit of pop and cosmic. It is the blueprint of Compost’s musical philosophy for the 21st century. And we won’t stop going straight to #300!

Linernotes / Quotes:

1. Beanfield “Tides” C’s Movement #1 (Carl Craig Remix)
C-A-R-L C-R-A-I-G Remix! Yesss! There could be no better start to this CD. Carl takes Beanfield into endless realms of Detroit deepness. This monumental remix has become one of our most requested tracks and represents perfectly what Compost is all about.
„I adore the Carl Craig remix! Killer!!!” (Tiga)

2. Muallem “Shanti Dance” feat. The Droids
One of the key cuts on Muallem’s debut “Frankie Splits” is an edit of “Shanti Dance”, originally released in the late 70s by the French project The Droids. Heavyweight disco from outer space!
“Definitely a rocker for ages!” (XLR8R)
“It blows everyone away..dirty dirty bassline!” (Sasse / Mood Music)

3. Felix Laband “Whistling In Tongues” (Todd Terje Remix)
“Dark Days Exist” is a sublime masterpiece of esoteric kindness and warm technology, sometimes a little dark and sinister, always a little melancholic. In his reinterpretation, Todd Terje, the scandinavian disco resurrector from Oslo, enlightens the original version of “Whistling In Tongues” with bright sunlight and takes Felix to the beach.
“The Todd Terje mix is simply AMAZING!“ (Lindstrom)
“Balearic disco heaven! Love it.“ (Ewan Pearson)

4. Marsmobil “Mangia Amore”
Taken from the album “Minx” - a retro pop extravaganza by multi-instrumentalist Roberto Di Gioia combining the lascivious power of Air, the family feeling of 70s Band America and some of Talk Talk's fragility. Produced by Peter & Christian Prommer.
Very delightful to see, that Marsmobil is not to shy and afraid expressing their very professional musical skills with beautiful melodies within complex band concept. Nowadays rare and unique! (Klaus Doldinger)

5. Alif Tree “Forgotten Places” (Moodymann Remix)
Moodymann remixes are rarer than four leaf clovers. So isn’t it self-explanatory that “Forgotten Places” is a really special piece of driving deep jazz music? The beautiful vocal sample was taken from Shirley Horns “L.A. Breakdown”.
“Record of the Month (Moodymann Mix)!” (Raveline)
”Guranteed to impress those with a taste for contemporary interpretations of jazz and cinematic soundscapes.” (Straight No Chaser)

6. Shahrokh SoundofK “Owlflight”
Straight outta Karlsruhe comes Shahrokh Dini, a veteran house music producer, DJ and club owner. His minimalistic build up track “Owlflight” aims straight at the dancefloors.
”I only had to hear about 20 seconds of Owlflight to know I needed it.“ (Andrew Jervis / Ubiquity Records)
”Just takes me back to the days of pure house music.“ (Paul Gamblin / Heavy Mannas)

7. Jean-Paul Bondy “Something Is Not Right” feat. The Blood Of Abraham (Robag Wruhme’s Fukkeldibobb Remake)
A record grounded in that kind of solid machine funk grooves, synthetic melodies and sci-fi atmospheres that the best electro has always brought us. The bleeps and clonks remix is done by no other than Robag Wruhme. So Freude am Tanzen is granted!
“Highly recommended!” (
“An incredible slice of down tempo futurism that shouldn't be missed.“ (Properly Chilled)

8. Nova Dream Sequence “Dream 14”
King Britts returns under the moniker Nova Dream Sequence with a straight Detroit techno project. His definition of sexy-tech. And it’s pumping!
This motherfucka hits like electronic music should. Bravo Nova. (Derrick May)
“With this project he proofs again that his mother couldn't go wrong giving him the name King.” (Alex Barck / Jazzanova)

9. Karma “Are We?” feat. Michelle Amador (Tony Nwachukwu Remix)
Being pioneers of the Downbeat business, Karma returns with a latesummer handshake between folk and jazz, downbeat and perfect pop. This remix features Michelle Amadors sweet vocals over a minimalistic Detroit flavoured techno jazz excursion keeping the odd waltz time signature of the original and flipping the tune into an atmospheric future shuffle .
“Another hot one from Compost. (BPM Magazine)
Wonderful warm album for the cold cold winter.“ (Frank Wiedemann / Âme)

10. Ben Mono “Jesus Was A B-Boy”
A little teaser to Ben Mono’s second album soon to be released on Compost Records. If god is a DJ I guess Jesus has to be a b-boy making power moves to phat hiphop beats. Forget about Birkenstock, Puma Suede were the original “Jesus Latschen”…

11. Harvey Lindo “Rugged Individuals” feat. Count Bass D
Hiphop like it used to be! Harvey Lindo – better known as Modaji – has produced a whole album full of classic hiphop beats defining a likeable counterdraft to the gangster poses and bling bling represented on MTV. He gets lyrical support by Maspyke , Lacks and Count Bass D, who also spits on “Rugged Individuals”.

12. Soil & Pimp Sessions “Waltz For Goddess“
These guys are some fuckin’ crazy Japanese jazz cats that are taking no prisoners. Crowned by Gilles Peterson the “Live Performance Act Of The Year” and winner of the “John Peel Play More Jazz” award. This smooth tune is taken from their debut album “Pimp Master”.
Soil & Pimp Sessions will make u dance to serious jazz! Warrior energy and poet sensibility! This guys are Jedis of jazz music! (Eddy Meets Yannah)

13. Koop „I See A Different You“ feat. Yukimi Nagano
Welcome to Koop Islands! After four years of waiting for the new album of the Swedish duo has finally arrived. This time they take us back to the orchestral swing and jazz crooners of the 30s spiced with some exotic calypso, mento and chanson elements.
“Koop are and stay simply great.” (De:Bug)

Compost 250 - Freshly Composted Vol. 2



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