Releases in May, 2009


22 maj 2009, 11:32

April showers bring May flowers…

5/11/2009: LIGHT IN YOUR LIFE - Smile that smile/Geldof [CDM/single]

Already one year ago Light in Your Life pricked up the ears, at that time still under the name Sleazy Romance. In their native country the band then already was clebrated by insiders as Sweden’s answer to Interpol: meets on the zenith of the tension curve between and Show - psychedelic pop pearls in the sphere of influence of Editors, Elephant and Eskobar.

The self-titled debut album will be released on CD at Danse Macabre and digital at afmusic.

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5/11/2009: THE FORCED OSCILLATIONS - Les monuments de tristesse [CD / EP]

Like Joy Division briefly before the zenith, like The Cure on “Seventeen Seconds” and atmospherically like the late work of Isis - with “Les monuments de tristesse” the Russians The Forced Oscilations created their masterpiece: Atmospheric and experimental with big recognition value. This EP will make hosts of hearts miss a beat.

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5/18/2009: NOCTIFLORA - The magic drone [CD / EP]

A pleasantly warm whirlpool pulls clean guitars and Simon Gallup-memorial-basslines down in dreadful nice depths. Noctiflora’s instrumental Bleek Wave evokes The Cure, Chameleons and Sad Lovers and Giants and it’s the ultimative soundtrack for the night.

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5/25/2009: ALL:MY:FAULTS - on.seventh.change.of.comprehension [CDM/single]

+ : = ! This you’ll get only by all:my:faults! The inhabitants of Darmstadt also cement with the second single in 2009 their exceptional position as the most innovative and most independent German underground band. “Error Abyss and the Pretty Accomplice” is experimental 8-bit Metal with suitable tempo changes and “Es wird ein Regen kommen” bridges between Welle:Erdball and Such A Surge - with song and text in Rio Reiser- quality.

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