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The Vic Records history goes back to the end of the 80’s / early 90’s when the owner used to run the famous underground metal magazine Mortician Mag. Due to these contacts in the underground scene, Vic Records got in touch with KATATONIA and released their supreme debut Mini-CD ”Jhva Elohim Meth” (Vic 001) back in 1993.

Vic Records went on by signing the hyper technical ultra fast death metal act CRYSTAL AGE and released the ”Far Beyond Divine Horizons” album (vic 002) in 1995. The third offering from Vic Records was released in 1997, ”Rain Without End” (vic 003) with KATATONIA members side-project OCTOBER TIDE. By this time two of the CRYSTAL AGE members had a project-band, far from the extreme style that is CRYSTAL AGE, this was to be the fourth signing to Vic Records.

That particular act was nothing less than HAMMERFALL! Vic Records didn’t hesitate to sign them just after seeing a low quality video of one of their very first gigs. Vic Records first licensed and later on sold the rights to the HAMMERFALL debut ”Glory to the Brave” (vic 004) as they were getting huge!…

After almost a decade of silence, Vic Records once again brings you the best metal albums available. Some of the artists with releases on Vic Records are: ALKONOST, ANOTHER LIFE, ARKONA, DEADMARCH, MEMORY GARDEN, ODYSSEY, PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER, TORCHBEARER and more…


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