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  • NinjaTravisLee

    This is probably one of the better labels out now. I love just about every artist on this roster even the disbanded ones

    juli 2015
  • JDonn

    Please remove this pic of "Baker" and check his official website, very unfair what you do using official artists that don't exist... Official website: http://www.bakermusic.com/

    april 2013
  • nothing-places

    if you're creeping here you should definitely peep their bandcamp page. tooons of music up for free download right now, but it's limited run so hurry!

    februari 2013
  • XBujinKoenX

    Good luck to everyone out there concerning hurricane Sandy!! lots of strength and power to all of you!! Greetings from Belgium!!

    oktober 2012
  • XBujinKoenX

    topshelf is on my topshelf! Stop selling such wonderful music, I'm running out of money!!! (II) Luckily the samplers are for free but like an answer can raise a thousand questions, a sampler can raise 68 desired bands on my topshelf! Not saint Seneca but all the others!!!

    oktober 2012
  • fergww

    I love you guys, all your bands are sick. This is my label is any one is interested...we are really good, honest!! www.wellweaponrec.bandcamp.com/

    juni 2011
  • formlessness

    Stop selling such wonderful music, I'm running out of money!!!

    april 2011
  • *RoRo*

    Check out my interview with Seth, co-founder of Topshelf (scroll down for English version): http://www.alternativnews.com/2011/02/label-story-topshelf-records.html

    februari 2011
  • madiftw

    travels is such a marvelous record.

    december 2010
  • lioncubband

    Lion Cub <3's Topshelf!

    mars 2010