14 maj 2009, 05:29

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Hey guys!

Well, here we are nearly at the halfway point for 2009, so insane... it never ceases to amaze us how fast time flies. Make certain to take a couple days this month and reflect on what's happening in your life because man, it could be something completely different tomorrow. So have a couple lazy days mixed in with the frenzy and enjoy the beautiful weather that May brings. Go on a bike ride with friends/lovers, go to the amusement park with the fam, hit up the outdoors with your pets. And be certain to listen to music that helps freeze the moment in your mind for eternity so that every time you hear that song you're reminded of that beautiful day and it never ends.

Lots of stuff going on around here right now, GIFTS FROM ENOLA's "From Fathoms" preorder is still going on and ACTORS & ACTRESSES "Arrows" preorder is underway now as well. CONSTANTS "The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension" massive 3xLP and CD preorder will be taking place this month as well, so tuck some pennies away for that one, look for it around mid-month.

Also, we wanted to thank everyone who came out on April 23rd for the IF THESE TREES COULD TALK show at The Southgate House. Super extra special thanks to Columbus, OH's Lo Pan and Atlanta, GA's O'BROTHER (Had a great time with you guys! Their new album comes out May 5th - buy it peeps!) for jumping on the bill and really rounding out the show and saving our asses. Also, extra special thanks to Rick and The Southgate House for working so closely with us and making it happen regardless of the obstacles! We love working with you guys!

One more thing worth noting very briefly, our titles will no longer be distributed via Lumberjack Mordam Music Group. We appreciate everything they have done for us and have nothing but nice things to say about them. But if you're a record store or distributor that was purchasing our titles from them, please immediately start buying them direct from us. Just email us at and we'll deal direct.

Ok gang, lets do a brief preorder recap for anyone that wasn't on the mailing list earlier this month when we started the preorders then we'll move on to upcoming stuff and some tour dates, enjoy and we'll catch up with you at the bottom of the page!!

Actors & Actresses - Arrows


1.) LP COMBO DEAL (both colors)
2.) LP - gold vinyl (limited to 100)
3.) LP - gray/clear swirl (limited to 300)
4.) LP/CD COMBO DEAL (both the vinyl and CD versions)
5.) CD

LISTEN TO MP3 SAMPLE: "Law of Entroy", the closing track off Arrows

Brief descripto:
"The stunning debut full length, and follow-up to acclaimed debut ep, by Kansas City's Actors & Actresses. Slow, atmospheric, and glacial, the album brings to mind bands like Low, Juno, Swervedriver, and Disintegration-era The Cure. Though nearly every critic has name-dropped Sigur Ros as a reference point due to the album's dreamy, nearly freezing progressions, the band actually has just as much in common with Failure's brand of textural space-rock. Scott Bennett anchors the trio with a massive thrum of down-tuned bass diametrically-opposed by his soft alto vocals. Andrew Schiller's guitars provide a backdrop that moves between subtle harmonic textures and blaring noise. David Sumner guides the rolling mass of sound with precise rhythm constructions from both his kit and banks of samples that give Actors & Actresses an instantly recognizable signature sound. It's deligatroy by nature, it is deliberately melting away."

Gifts From Enola - From Fathoms


2.) 2xLP COMBO DEAL (vinyl on both colors)
3.) 2xLP/CD COMBO DEAL (both the vinyl and CD versions)
4.) 2xLP - translucent green/translucent blue swirl (limited to 100)
5.) 2xLP - half translucent green/half opaque blue (limited to 300)
6.) CD

LISTEN TO MP3 SAMPLE: "Benthos", the opening track off From Fathoms

Brief descripto:
"Every few years an album comes out that pushes the existing genres of music so far that it can no longer be recognizable as an album of any one genre. The explosion of a culmination of influences so diverse that the creative output that the end result yields is powerful enough to create its own genre of music. These are the albums that inspire people to create music and these are the influential albums that remain timeless for eternity. With their third release, Harrisonburg, VA's Gifts From Enola may have created an album that is just that powerful. Completely uninhibited, uncompromising, and unrelenting, "From Fathoms" is all at once an emotional epiphany and an unintentional reckoning of the new creative wave. Sharing as much in common with bands like The Mars Volta and Minus The Bear as it shares with Explosions In The Sky or This Will Destroy You. Defying boundaries with an unrelenting, aggressive assault ala Converge one second, the next seamlessly flowing into a high flying crescendo of hope in Mono-like fashion. The end result of this album is certainly unclassifiable and name dropping all over the place will never accurately describe the sound. It is its own, and that is a rare feat in today's saturated music industry. This is unexpected. This is "From Fathoms"."


We'll have some gems coming in this month for the distro including the split 12" by ANGEL EYES and Germany's A FINE BOAT THAT COFFIN from the stellar European label, Concubine Records. We're stoked to be able to offer this to peeps in the states, because <ANGEL EYES is an amazing band and they've been a very important band to us personally for close to 3 years now. If you've never heard them before, it's high time you do HERE! Look for these in the webstore around the middle of the month, they have to cross the Atlantic after all!

We'll also be procuring some copies of the vinyl release of Constants acclaimed "The Murder of Tom Fitzgerril" that the always dependable Vega Vinyl released last summer. These should be in the webstore by next week. As everyone knows by now, Constants is the muthablankin' shiick!! Stoked to get these in because Jordan and Vega Vinyl are all about quality and these are top notch 180 gram examples of their standards!

We'll be stocking a slew of titles by everyone's favorite label, Robotic Empire, in the coming weeks. Releases by Torche, Helms Alee, Gods & Queens, Ghastly City Sleep, Jesu, Red Sparowes, and the new split 2xLP by Storm of Light and Nadja, plus a bunch of others, too. Excited to see their newest releases, as everyone knows, the packaging on Robo jamz is always raising the bar while we all race to catch up!!

We still have a few of the Denovali releases available. Although Neil On Impression, Blueneck, and Audrey are gone, but there's a a couple copies of the September Malevolence 12" and Meet Me in St Louis 12" still available. Planning on getting the new Celeste from Timo and the gang and restocking everything else asap!

Most of the other things in the distro are down to their last copy or two while we work on restocking, so if there's anything you want quickly, I'd probably order it soon or else you'll be waiting until we get some more. Which, of course, would suck!

At any rate, check the distro HERE for stuff you know you want..... and NEEEEEED!!!


06/12/09....Akron, OH @ Anabell's w/Phantoids
06/27/09....Cleveland, OH @ The Beachland Tavern w/Mr.Gnome
07/11/09....Detroit, MI @ The Berkley Front w/No Graves Like Sea


05/01/09....La Jolla, CA @ Che Cafe
05/02/09....Mesa, AZ @ Sweetcakes
05/05/09....Los Angeles, CA @ The Silverlake Lounge
06/02/09....Los Angeles, CA @ on air w/Post-Rock, Paper, Scissors
06/06/09....Los Angeles, CA @ Pehrspace (Signal Hill release party)
07/10/09....La Jolla, CA @ Che Cafe w/Gifts From Enola
07/11/09....Los Angeles, CA @ Mr. T's Bowl w/Gifts From Enola
07/12/09....Pomona, CA @ Characters w/Gifts From Enola
10/01/09....Northeast American Tour (dates TBA)


06/19/09....Harrisonburg, VA w/Irepress (CD release show/tour kickoff)
06/21/09....Richmond, VA w/Irepress
06/22/09....Norfolk, VA w/Irepress
06/23/09....Greeneville, NC w/Irepress
06/24/09....Carrboro, NC w/Irepress
06/25/09....Asheville, NC w/Irepress
06/26/09....Knoxville, TN w/Irepress
06/27/09....Nashville, TN w/Irepress
06/28/09....Atlanta, GA w/Irepress
06/29/09....Tallahassee, FL w/Irepress
06/30/09....Pensacola, FL w/Irepress
07/01/09....New Orleans, LA w/Irepress
07/02/09....Houston, TX w/Irepress
07/03/09....Denton, TX w/Irepress
07/04/09....Fort Worth, TX w/Irepress
07/05/09....Austin, TX w/Irepress
07/07/09....El Paso, TX
07/08/09....Tuscon, AZ
07/09/09....Tempe, AZ
07/10/09....San Diego, CA w/Beware of Safety
07/11/09....Los Angeles, CA w/Beware of Safety
07/12/09....Pomona, CA w/Beware of Safety
07/13/09....San Luis Obispo, CA
07/14/09....San Francisco, CA
07/15/09....Chico, CA
07/17/09....Eugene, OR
07/18/09....Portland, OR
07/19/09....Seattle, WA w/You.May.Die.In.The.Desert
07/20/09....La Grande, OR
07/21/09....Boise, ID
07/22/09....Salt Lake City, UT
07/24/09....Denver, CO
07/25/09....Hays, KS
07/26/09....Wichita/Lawrence, KS w/Actors and Actresses
07/27/09....Kansas City, MO w/Actors and Actresses
07/28/09....Iowa w/Giants
07/29/09....Minneapolis, MN
07/30/09....Madison, WI
07/31/09....Chicago, IL w/Giants
08/01/09....Grand Rapids, MI w/If These Trees Could Talk
08/02/09....Pontiac, MI w/If These Trees Could Talk
08/03/09....Dayton, OH w/If These Trees Could Talk
08/04/09....Cincinnati, OH w/If These Trees Could Talk
08/05/09....Akron, OH w/If These Trees Could Talk
08/06/09....Pittsburgh, PA w/If These Trees Could Talk
08/07/09....Philadelphia, PA w/Irepress
08/08/09....New York City, NY w/Irepress
08/09/09....Asbury Park, NJ w/Irepress
08/10/09....Wallingford, CT w/Irepress
08/11/09....Upstate NY w/Irepress
08/12/09....Burlington, VT w/Irepress
08/13/09....Montreal w/Irepress
08/15/09....Boston, Ma w/Irepress, Caspian
08/16/09....Providence, RI
08/17/09....New York/Jersey
08/18/09....Baltimore, MD
08/19/09....Charlottesville, VA
08/20/09....Harrisonburg, VA


09/07/09....Poznan, Poland @ Bluenote
09/08/09....Gydnia, Poland @ Ucho
09/09/09...Warsaw, Poland @ Progresia
09/10/09....Krakow, Poland @ Manngha
09/11/09....Tczew, Poland @ Tromba
09/12/09....Trollhattan, Sweden @ Magasin 15
09/18/09....Aarhus, Denmark @ Studenterhus
09/19/09....Copenhagen, Denmark @ Vega


07/19/09....Seattle, WA w/You.May.Die.In.The.Desert


07/31/09....Chicago, IL w/Giants


*no dates currently scheduled*


*no dates currently scheduled*


*no dates currently scheduled*


04/26/09....Lawrence, KS @ Jackpot Saloon w/Junius
05/01/09....Wichita, KS @ Vertical Violet
05/02/09....Kansas City, MO @ Czar Bar
05/09/09....Minneapolis, MN @ The Fine Line
05/16/09....Omaha, NE @ O'Leavers
06/12/09....Kansas City, KS @ Atlas Gallery
06/26/09....Kansas City, MO @ Record Bar ("Arrows" release show!)
07/26/09....Lawrence, KS @ TBA w/ Gifts From Enola
07/27/09....Kansas City, MO @ TBA w/ Gifts From Enola


05/28/09 - 07/05/09....EUROPEAN TOUR (dates TBA)

Well, that about covers the tip of the iceberg =) So much stuff going on! Remember the Constants preorder will be popping off around mid month so you'll be receiving another email for us with preorder options and instructions and all that fun preorder goodness! We'll have several different options available for ordering and we're going to charge $25 for the 3xLP version ($10 for CD, as usual). Considering we've seen other labels recently charging $25 for a 2xLP, we think that's more than fair. Also, there's 6 FEET OF ARTWORK on this monster, so that means it's expensive to make! And it also means it's worth every penny =) It is a beast like no other. Anyhow, more on that when the time is right, for now just know it's happening pretty soon =)

The Gifts preorders should start shipping out late next week and the A&A preorders should immediately follow those =) If anyone has any questions regarding either, please just reply to this or email us at and we'll take care of you! Thanks again to everyone that has ordered, none of this would be taking place without your support and we're eternally grateful. As we've maintained from the beginning, this wouldn't exist without you, which makes you just as much a part of it as the bands or the label.

Wrapping this up, we'd just like to say HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!! Talk to you soon gang!!


Lindsay & Joel


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