Soul Jazz


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  • tetomusicmag

    A multi-talented and innovative neo-soul artist; Christine Horn brings the perfect mixture of theatrics and music to the table. She provides her listeners with an amalgamation of R&B, Soul, Funk and Folk while exploring the whole spectrum of human emotion with her music. Innovation is the key to a great artist and Christine continues to wow her followers with her new single release ‘Give It Up’. It’s an aural experience you won’t soon forget.

    juni 2013
  • MusicProducer70

    Hi! Listen Tina Still Tina Still - I Wanna Love You Tks, God bless Thiago

    november 2010
  • yiffyskunk420

    could you please fix the album art for Cream Corn from the Socket of Davis EP ??? please and thank you my son

    september 2010
  • ownsarai

    I think it's supposed to be separated by JP and English...because I think there's a label in Japan names Soul Jazz, too...but that I know of, Dir en grey didn't release anything with this label. So it makes me wonder how it got tagged like this?

    oktober 2009
  • MrLark

    and a load of really good soul jazz stuff aint listed here

    december 2008
  • MrLark

    after soul jazz, i 'got' reggae. the new orleans funk one is 'the bomb'. really.

    december 2008
  • o0Austen0o

    dir en grey? drowning pool? I love Soul Jazz, but why is there loads of metal on this page?

    september 2008
  • julietippex

    Hello darlings, James Chance is back in Europe ! Gigs list : ! Oh oh !

    april 2007
  • artivism

    I discovered soul jazz as I was working at a record store through their amazingly comprehensive Tropicalia compilation. That was about a year ago and now I am in the process of exploring the rest of their catalogue. This label completely does not get their due in the states, but they truly are amazing.

    december 2006
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