Crystal Stilts and Pains of Being Pure At Heart singles available now!


24 mar 2009, 18:23

hello all-
Two great new 7" singles are available to order and shipping now:

||||| Crystal Stilts release two all-new songs on limited 7" |||||
Crystal Stilts burst out of Brooklyn in 2008 to become one of the most talked about bands in years. Perfecting a sound that ably mixes post-punk gloom with classic 60s pop & garage, Suicide-ish 50s buzz/twang and a dash of 80s jangle, Crystal Stilts capped the year with the release of their amazing debut album, Alight of Night. We’re thrilled to be able to bring you this ace single, featuring two brand-new songs not to be found on their album. "Love Is A Wave" is a firm favorite of the band’s live show, a perfect two-minute pop nugget in the best punk rock tradition. Fired by an insistent fast-strummed riff, an eager beat and barely-contained feedback, "Love Is A Wave" is an instant classic that stands tall with tunes like “Never Understand” and “I Heard Her Call My Name” in the noise-pop pantheon. B-side "Sugarbaby" is no slouch either, sounding for all the world like The Clean if they had been produced by Lee Hazlewood back in Arizona in the late 50s.

This single is not in stores until March 31, but you can get it from us right now. Limited edition first pressing on snow white vinyl. Do not delay. Also available digitally through iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, Rhapsody, etc.
more info and MP3:

||||| The Pains of Being Pure at Heart drop limited 7" for Young Adult Friction |||||
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are a certified pop phenomenon. They've taken the indie world by storm with their infectious brand of noisy indie-pop, releasing a string of eagerly awaited singles that culminated in February 2009 with the release of their smashing self-titled debut album. Taken from that album, "Young Adult Friction" is a saucy tale of teenage lust in the library that bops along to an updated 80s groove that marries the classic strum of The Pastels with a bit of late Smiths polish. On the flip, "Ramona" slows the pace for a slice of shoegazey dreaminess that could sit comfortably next to Black Tambourine or My Bloody Valentine on any quality mixtape. It's an essential single from one of the most crucial pop bands around right now.

This single is not in stores until March 31, but you can get it from us right now. Please note that this record is a co-release with Fortuna Pop! (Europe) — please support your local independent record label. Also available digitally through iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, Rhapsody, etc.
more info and MP3:

||||| coming soon |||||
Up next in April is a new 12"-only EP from Cause Co-Motion! sporting six future classics from our Brooklyn pop heroes. May will finally bring the release of Bricolage's marvellous self-titled debut album, and a fab slice of Postcard-flavored pop it is, too. Also out in May is a grand 10"/CD album from Swedish pop band Liechtenstein, and let me tell you — if you like the singles you will LOVE this. Further in the future are more installments in our Searching For The Now series and albums from Summer Cats and Brown Recluse Sings. So another busy year for us, and another great year of music for you. What a deal!

||||| in other news |||||
Slumberland makes a rare venture into TV land when The Pains of Being Pure at Heart appear on Last Call with Carson Daly early morning April 2. They'll also be playing Spaceland in LA the night of April 1. Crazy! The Pains and Crystal Stilts are on the road quite a bit this spring and summer, so keep an eye on the blog for more info:

Until next time-
Ma, Pa and Theo Slumber
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