Sinewave Essentials 2009 - Vol 2


22 jul 2009, 00:11

Various Artists - Sinewave Essentials 2009 - Vol 2

Eleven albums in the second 2009 quarter, time for a new Sinewave Essentials compilation. Here are songs from each album we have released in the last three months, all by independent Brazilian bands and artists, with styles ranging from post-rock, post-metal, experimental, IDM and ambient. Wait for our next three months, there's a lot more coming on.

01. Este Silêncio - People Who Fall In Love With Each Other Rarely Stay Together
02. Allice - Jardim de Inverno
03. Sempremaio - Persiana
04. We Are Sheep Among Wolves - Paradise Now
05. Black Sea - Tabula Rasa
06. Andrei Machado - E, finalmente, deixei o sol entrar
07. Wake Up, Killer! - Joana (Que Bebe Os Ventos)
08. Color TV - Computer Science
09. Labirinto - Arcabuz
10. Parachute - Madeleine
11. Monodecks - Reverbera na Caverna


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