Saddle Creek


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  • xxoshuxx

    should it be my ambition to be on this label? cuz I think it is.

    maj 2010
  • gerschweyn

    Check Out my debut short album, "Die Probleem met Picasso!"

    april 2010
  • okangi

    I do believe I am in love with a record label

    februari 2010
  • dinaq400

    Bright Eyes isn't high enough

    maj 2009
  • Kalatsch

    FW [Falsehood Wrong]

    december 2008
  • notoriousdoc

    Seb Grainger and The Faint ftw

    november 2008
  • porcelaingoo

    @the_runt agreed, for one Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains

    oktober 2008
  • onlyrawkin

    Ex-Rental member, Sara Radle, is touring this summer with her new band Calamity Magnet. They play in Omaha tonight at the Waiting Room Lounge. Come out and join her and say hi!

    juni 2008
  • the_runt

    wow. Even as an avid bright eyes fan, that chart makes me sad. There are so many artists on this label that deserve much more recognition than it seems they're getting.

    maj 2008
  • fischyou

    hey, get Navel's song Frozen Souls for free, here: cheerio, rock on

    maj 2008
  • borntohang

    Faint to split. Discuss.

    maj 2008
  • ExcessiveClap

    But it's close.

    maj 2008
  • Mizman

    hey bright eyes is the top artist. who would've thought

    mars 2008
  • SinsWritter

    Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, Desaparecidos, Maria Taylor! WOW, this label has some of the artist that i really love!! *.*

    februari 2008
  • PersuasiveRays


    januari 2008
  • kingrizla

    Saddle creek is a fantastic label - long live the INDIES!!! Why aren't the Gallants the biggest damn band in the world?

    november 2007
  • Rohharim embient/darkwave

    oktober 2007
  • eyesoffearsoff

    lol, look at the weekly top artsts. bright eyes, 27,524 plays. everyone else just kind like ehh listen to us. im crying!

    september 2007
  • Saddle-Creek

    The Good Life should be waaaaay higher on this list along with Two Gallants...

    augusti 2007
  • chancetraveller

    tokyo police club whoooo!

    augusti 2007
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