Welcome to the Wonderful World of Pickled Egg


21 apr 2006, 19:03

Leicester-based Pickled Egg Records is one of the most sharp-eyed, adventurous independent labels around, releasing some of the best music of any label, anywhere. Eclectic to a fault, and firmly out of step with current trends, since it's inception in 1998, it has dedicated itself to redressing the world’s musical balance in favour of quirky genius, bent tunefulness, noisy playfulness, jazz turmoil, inventive retro-futurism and downright emotional heart-on-sleeve belief, hope and passion. In a world in which the musical balance is already, irretrievably, weighted down on the side of corporate flatulence, labels like Pickled Egg are so a priori unnecessary, and yet so a posteriori essential.

The label's roster is genuine quality. Artists like Philadelphia's Need New Body, Chicago-based Bablicon, Pop-Off Tuesday from Osaka, and Leicester’s very own Volcano the Bear, have tapped rich musical mines, mixing jazz, avant rock surrealism, and a punk rock approach.

The label could be genuinely said to be ahead of its time. In 1999, Pickled Egg released the first ever bootleg/mash-up record, in the shape of the Evolution Control Committee’s ‘Whipped Cream Mixes’ single, in which attitude-drenched Public Enemy vocal tracks collided with whimsical, happy-go-lucky Herb Alpert tunes, to outrageous and hilarious effect. 2½ years later, this record had spawned an entire genre, including a number one hit record, although none of what followed quite equalled the heights of that original record. Pickled Egg also released (in 2000) the debut single by Brighton-based genre-hoppers and 2005 Mercury Music Prize nominees, The Go! Team, who are now being garnered in some quarters of the music press – more than four years later – as saviours of the British music scene. Daniel Johnston - now the subject of a major documentary film, and the the current darling of the quality press, released his 2000 'comeback' album, 'Rejected Unknown' on Pickled Egg in 2000, when no-one else was interested. And Philadephia's spazzcore meister's, Need New Body, who in 2005 stole the show at the Slint-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties festival, released all three of their albums on Pickled Egg between 2001 and 2005.

Selected releases...

Various Artists 'Jar' 2xCD
Need New Body 'Where's Black Ben?' LP
Need New Body 'UFO' CD/LP
Need New Body 'Need New Body' CD/2xLP
George 'The Magic Lantern' CD
George 'A Week of Kindness' CD
Bablicon 'In a Different City' CD/LP
Bablicon 'Orange Tapered Moon' CD/LP
Bablicon 'A Flat Inside a Fog' CD/2xLP
A Hawk and a Hacksaw 'Our Lady of the Vlatva' 7 (coming soon!)
Scatter 'Surprising Sing Stupendous Love' CD
Nalle 'By Chance Upon Waking' CD (coming soon!)
Big Eyes Family Players 'Do the Musiking' CD (coming soon!)
Big Eyes 'Love is Gone Mad' CD/LP
Big Eyes 'Clumsy Music' CD/LP
Big Eyes 'We Have No Need for Voices' CD
Big Eyes 'Big Eyes Songs' CD/10
Pop-Off Tuesday 'Pop-Off Tuesday' CD/LP
Pop-Off Tuesday 'See My Ghost' CD/10
Pop-Off Tuesday 'Pop Ahoy!' CD/LP
Zukanican 'E5number' 10
Zukanican 'Horse Republic' CD (coming soon!)
Volcano the Bear 'Yak Folks Y'Are' LP
Marshmallow Coast 'Seniors & Juniors' CD/LP
Marshmallow Coast 'Ride the Lightning' CD
100 Pets 'Easter Songs' LP
Oddfellows Casino 'Yellow Bellied Wonderland' CD/LP
Oddfellows 'Casino Winter Creatures' CD
Farina 'Three People' CD/LP
Farina 'Allotments' CD
Daniel Johnston 'Rejected Unknown' CD
Hassle Hound 'Scaring the Grass in the Garden' 10
The Go! Team 'Get it Together!' 7 EP


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