Peacefrog Welcomes AK-Momo to the Label


19 nov 2008, 12:57

Swedish pop duo AK-Momo follow the Peacefrog tradition of breaking musical boundaries and sounding quite like nothing else... Wreathed in the breathy tones of the Mellotron, they conjure a sweetly bizarre brand of sonic sophistication and cosmopolitan melodrama that is all their own.

Their album, Return to N.Y. featuring vocalist AK's impossibly clear, crystalline voice is filled with subtle, innovative and winningly strange treats which brim with eerie, grainy strings, half-dreamt woodwind tones and ghostly percussion sounds thanks to Mattias Olsson's trove of arcane instrumental exotica. The main exotic piece in AK-Momo's arsenal is the 1960s tape-based, proto-synthesiser the Mellotron, a 1970s Mattel toy keyboard called an Optigan, whose sounds are sourced from clear, LP-sized discs optically encoded with looped recordings of 'real' instruments.

Sure to give you a listening experience like no other, the closest likeness' would have to be Goldfrapp's Felt Mountain, early Portishead, Kate Bush, Billie Holiday, and Nina Nastasia.

Check them out at: and on our Myspace page! Page: AK-Momo


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