Meet International Composer Stephen D. Forman Online


6 dec 2010, 02:17

For the first time ever, the simply curious and fans alike can engage directly with rising international composer Stephen D. Forman in conversations which are sure to range from the casual and friendly to the intellectual and provocative, un-barred by the distance of miles or time zones. Forman's strong opinons on the state of the music industry, the thought process behind an intricate classical composition, inside looks at his most current projects, and much more can all be found here:

In order to take fullest advantage of Twitter's capabilities and Forman's built-in fan base around the globe from the variety of sites where his music has been distributed, look for behind-the-scenes sharing, interactive fan contributions, and exclusive downloads for @moorglademusic's followers which will not be made available to the public at large.

We'll see you on the other side!
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Classical, Progressive Rock, Christmas


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