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  • Robcan98

    Follow our songs and albums at Last FM, CBS Interactive, CBS Label page and Robcan98. Thanks, Robert and Candy Ownby, Robcan Records.

    juli 2013
  • samheerey

    Ninja Tune's newest signing, the Mercury winning band The Invisible, have just released their second album "Rispah"! In celebration of the release, Ninja have put the entire album out on Soundcloud so people can stream it. If you are not doing anything, head over and give the album a listen because its something really impressive.

    juni 2012

    Moonshine RAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWKS!! Not as good as they used to be, tho- there was a time you could get an album just cause it was on the Moonshine label and you knew that when you got it home it was gonna tear it up

    april 2010
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