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  • rottenomicon

    awesome tunes !!! greetings from Indonesia \m/ check out our Oldschool Deathmetal materials

    oktober 2011
  • LunaGenetics

    Skullfucker Magazine Vol.1 is under construction & will feature bands like Angst Skvadron,Gorgoroth,Urgehal,Myrkraverk,Vrangsinn,Magor,Eternal Agony,Vithr,Tantara,Dead To This World,Charocal Suicide,Svidd & Throne of Katharsis. It will be released around autumn/winter times,since it's driven by one person who refuse to put deadline on himself & I'd rather release 1 magazine each half year than 10 crappy ones. If you have any stuff you would like to get reviewed or contribute with anything or just read the zine add this adress : I'm also looking for a co-worker who can help with reviews & some interviews. You don't have to be professional,just dedicated to music.

    maj 2011
  • dreaded209

    RECENTLY FEATURED ON THE PLANET METAL CD from METAL HAMMER FatalFear (NOT -Fatal Fear) I think someone from M.H. has accidentally linked our track to the wrong band on here, we are FATALFEAR(no space)..the other band is FATAL all the links you guys put for the track are gona and we are left with no similar artists..nor a copy of the very magazine we were in.... RECENTLY FEATURED ON THE PLANET METAL CD from METAL HAMMER We are a Korean metal band and Part of a Busan Based International Record Label... Check out the band and our Label lots of artists on Realize Records (check the myspace and (korean page)

    april 2010
  • stev666


    februari 2008
  • stev666


    februari 2008
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