Anal Discharge - The Swallow or Die Bootleg Free Download


24 jan 2008, 23:30

Anal Discharge are offering a free download of their memorable gig that was blasted out last year, available for download below in its entirety, banter and all. The bootleg was taken on the 3rd of November when they played with Slowly Building Weapons, Sordid, Granny Fist and Kill A Celebrity.

The set list is as follows:
1 - Spirit of Cockwhore Past
2 - Beer Wench
3 - Smoking Rat with the Straighty One-Eighties
4 - I love hardcore boys
5 - Skate or Die
6 - I fucked a feminist
7 - If god invented head he must be really good at it
8 - Fat Black Abo
9 - Raping the bud
10 - Lesstalk more killyourself
11 - AFD
12 - Women are inferior to men cos they bleed out their whoreholes every 28 days
13 - xGayx



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