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  • Erdosain

    Oh, and just now, by reading the wikipedia entry on the label, I found out that it practically exploded and the artists are plastered against the walls, almost every single one of them on a new, different label. What a bummer.

    februari 2009
  • Erdosain

    I am amazed by this label, simply blown away. I've been listening, without noticing it, to a lot of bands that put out their material through them: Maserati, The Mercury Program, more recently Kings of Convenience and just today, Japancakes. And they are all fucking amazing. Will sure check the rest of them out. Regarding the name, I find it funny. I take it as a play on the names of genres like "Hardcore", "Emo-core" and such stuff. "Kindercore" feels kind of innocent.

    februari 2009
  • FijneWIET

    Hm, I never really thought of 'Kindercore' as a wicked name. For me it stands for 'the child inside' (Kinder=children) :}

    november 2008
  • ohbradlewis

    kindercore is back!!!

    december 2007
  • RedSaint

    Wicked name :p

    oktober 2007
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