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  • Maks_SF

    oktober 2013
  • InfraRadio

    Moscow Millitary EBM formation [SHTURM] came into existence in late 2009 The group is made up of longtime friends (Snuff - Vocal, Pet - Keys, Sampling, Elektricon - Keys, Sound, Programming) and known by other joint projects. Do not postpone until later by the first step the team has a strong record their debut album, working title is "XX". The group decided to dedicate himself to this work, the era of the twentieth century and patriotic anthems of Russia (USSR) in modern EBM / Dark Electro interpretation. Parallel team began to give concerts. February 5 presentation of the album in Moscow that the critics should "vystrelnut" and draw attention to themselves not only in Russia. Download:

    november 2011
  • spitit0ut


    augusti 2008
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