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Hybris is a modern music label, releasing records, digital media and other more or less artifacts associated with pop culture. We are situated in Sweden; in the royal capital of Stockholm; and in the not so royal city of Malmö. The Stockholm department is runned by Mattias Lövkvist and John Gadnert, and the Malmö department is runned by Kalle Magnusson.

A record label, not very 2010, is it?

No, we know… But we’re not a record label in a record label anno 1994 way. We’re a record label anno 2010. Or actually, we are more than that. First of all: We call Hybris a music label not a record label (yes, a huge different – focus on music, not records). Second: We have really fair deals with our artists (which basicly means 50/50-deals). The truth is that most of our artists actually makes a whole lot more from their music than we could ever do (hard to get payed for recorded music – easier to get payed for live music; they do shows – we sell recorded music). We think that is as fair as it gets today, they are the artists, not us, and we tend to transform that into a stimulus for getting even better at what we do.

We also do a lot of non-traditional record label stuff. Like trying to be creative and interesting, to begin with. Not a very common thing in the music industry today. And we also know how people acts on the internet, very rare knowlege in the music world. We know that not because we have seen it, but because we have created it, in a way.


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  • hejhejmusic

    Please bring Juvelen to the U.S.!!!

    mars 2008
  • Mitya

    Please fix the title on the El Perro del Mar album - it should just be called Look! It's El perro del Mar!

    oktober 2007
  • skr

    Trevligt att ni laddar upp er musik!

    oktober 2006
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