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22 dec 2007, 08:04

Epidemic Online Production are Epidemic the band as an Indie with production held by Alex Kashirin, the band members are John Segal, Erz Simon, Joseph Averjil and Wolf Kashirin. Band's official site has a new design.

The band has released a video clip for the song Then, the song is from the first demo Evil Against Evil (2005) produced by Alex Kashirin, it had been re-recorded at Studio Bagalil by Haggy Bar, the complication is to release by Yishai from Raven Music.

on 27/10/07, a complication CD Israel Unleashed: The Best Rock and Metal from the Holy Land produced by Dean Schachtel from JMG and distributed by RED and Sony BMG. The song on the complication is Six Years Old from the E.P. Earth Penitentiary (2006) produced by Haggy Bar.

The band currently working on an album What If?!? set to release in 2008 with global distribution.

Epidemic are going on a Tour in 2008 to promote the album, at the moment the tour begins with TMT METAL FEST'S 2008 EUROPEAN STYLE HEAVY METAL MUSIC FESTIVAL IN THE USA. The partial line-up of the fest is Flotsam and Jetsam, Attacker, Raven, Hatred, Arctic Flame, Flesh Supremacy, slapjaw, 137, Apathetic Discharge, Havoc Effect, Trenchunited, Elevator Death Squad, Icarus Witch, Vicious Rumors, Jenovah, Structural Integrity Compromised, Sutter Cane, A Gentleman Born, Sacrificial Slaughter, Manticore, Flesh Supremacy, Lazarus, Castrofate, Neocracy, Martyrd, Crimson Orchid, Beyond the Lies, Ravage, System Torture, Fisticuff and More.
The production of the fest will have Radio promotion with CLEAR CHANNEL, VIACOM & GALAXY RADIO NETWORKS across the region to get as many as possible people to these events. They will use this medium to feature all the bands involved with the event. A regional TV show will be hosting the TMT event on traditional television.
With the push of the fest Epidemic will continue the tour in USA region, we are looking for events, you can book the band with or by E-Mail .

Epidemic also participeate on 11/01/2008 in City Hall Club, Haifa. Doors Open 20:30, first band goes at 22:00.
Performers Oakland Alley, Acropolis, Matricide, Kobalt.

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