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  • kenz2334

    <3 Ed Banger Records makes the world a better place <3

    december 2013
  • eduardobochnia

    Fuckin' Ed Banger Records

    juni 2012
  • zyclonben

    For the win

    augusti 2011
  • pizzake

    hell yeah xO

    januari 2011
  • pikoloko

    love this full-on kind of compression choking the beats

    december 2010
  • peedroohee


    november 2010
  • jimmypenguin

    dope dope dope..

    augusti 2010
  • Gravyftw

    Pedro is a fucking beast

    augusti 2010
  • Callisto1

    annoying french hype bullshit

    februari 2010
  • LeGarson

    If you like this, then listen to this! www.last.fm/music/spy+franz <3

    december 2009
  • zonabi

    word nice tunes

    maj 2009
  • heeheeshabutie

    mmmm the win.

    april 2009
  • Gon2a

    God bless Pedro and his group of Daft Punks

    mars 2009
  • monclo

    i hope never =]

    mars 2009
  • PViggo

    When is Uffie's first album coming out??

    mars 2009
  • onasht

    LOL at uffie. justice > mr.oizo > sebastiAn > mehdi > P. feadz isnt too shabby.

    februari 2009
  • joshuawingender

    Omg its so hard to get Ed banger vinyl where i live i'm really pissed.

    februari 2009
  • Linbaba

    sweet motha cheee suuss i pray to yur choons

    februari 2009
  • dare2wo

    my tip for BIG BIG THINGS IS................dare2 the theory of everything E.P. and this track is killin' em all terrabeats - 13 minutes to die mix ......................... YOU REALLY SHOULD CHECK 'EM OUT ............................................................. DO YOU DARE 2 ? WELL DO YA..................FUNK ?

    februari 2009

    ed bangers not the new french house. ITS THE NEW ROCK AND ROLL.

    december 2008
  • ViceGermany

    Check out www.vicelive.de for the upcoming VICE LIVE TOUR'08! Tickets for free...

    oktober 2008
  • Muzic101info

    Ed Banger! The new face of French House

    september 2008
  • creeco

    Overated as a label, justice is the only artist who's truely "great" on here. And maybe uffie..

    juni 2008
  • Matze668

    one of the best labels

    maj 2008
  • GuitarAtomik

    Sign me! You know you want to.......http://www.last.fm/music/I+KILL+PXLS

    april 2008
  • pietervdl

    I would doubt that. I'm a huge Ed Rec fan(finally got myself one of their tees) but I can't seem to choose between ed banger and kitsuné. But they do have the best dj in the world in their lines. SebastiAn>all!

    februari 2008
  • Kr0osti

    best label EVER !!

    februari 2008
  • driek33

    sweeet :D

    februari 2008
  • 3ddfreak

    Ed Rec Vol.3 is on its way... :D

    januari 2008
  • StenchSweeney

    ding ding

    november 2007
  • Mikolajk

    totally fucking banging!!!

    juni 2007
  • $leaze

    you = on point.

    juni 2007
  • blazet

    <3 indeed

    maj 2007
  • sesame

    ed bangers <3

    april 2007
  • divinius

    the shit!

    mars 2007