Distraction July News!


5 jul 2008, 05:59

Okay, back at it!

Been a while since our last update, to be sure. That's because we've been beavering quietly away working on getting things sorted for the biggest and best Distraction Weekender yet, as well as getting future releases in the cannon too.

Remember! August 8th, 9th and 10th sees the Distraction Weekender hit Newcastle-upon-Tyne's Cluny again for yet more aural innovation, future players, and diverse sonic excursions. As always, accept no imitations, this one's going to be a cracker.

Friday's lineup has the cream of the crop of the best bands around today, featuring School Of Language, Milky Wimpshake, The Matinee Orchestra, Pale Man Made, and St. James Infirmary with the Cuckoo's Nest DJs bringing the tunes! Saturday, anything goes with a complete disregard for genre, bringing you The Week That Was, Moira Stewart, Wroooaar!, Warm Digits, BLUNTWOUNDTRAUMA, B>E>A>K, The Black Static of Summer, The Big Oaks, and Nathalie Stern; plus d_rradio and DJ Search Warrant on the wheels of steel. Sunday is not for the faint-hearted, with harsh mangled/tangled drones and experimental noise from the fringes of the outer limits scene. That day delivers you: Unicorn Love, Kylie Minoise, Seppuku, Mutant Ape, Goathanger, Eye Shaking Kingdom, Bong, Rough Sex Quartet, Joe Pesci, Mariposa, and Michael Flatley Knifefight. DJ Search Warrant and the Jazzfinger Sound System plug the gaps with more joyous noise-on-wax. Good lord, its all going to be VERY special.

As far as releases go, the next release to burst outta the Distraction cannon will be the d_rradio remixes album, called, funnily enough 'd_rradio remixed' (dist12r). We've got a fantastic array of remixes on offer here, courtesy of Manual, Depth Affect, The Matinee Orchestra, Cathode, OFFTHESKY, Piano Magic, Matthew Rozeik, Populous, juxta phona, and port-royal. This digipaked bundle of joy will be limited to 500 copies only, and will be on sale soon.

As for other releases? Tempelhof's gorgeous vinyl release 'Leaving Home / Cage' is getting the artwork treatment at the moment and - believe us - its looking pretty damn peachy indeed. We've just gotten back The Retail Sectors 8 square lathe release 'March of Incurable Workaholic / Song About a Girl Who Killed Herself Yesterday' from the legendary Peter King in New Zealand, and we're also getting the artwork sorted for that too. The Big Oaks? Well, should you care, its currently getting mastered (putting it kindly, I guess) for appropriate horribleness. Look out for those (except the Big Oaks album).

Oh! Just a quick mention for the almighty Kikuri (Merzbow and Keiji Haino) show taking place on Friday July 11th for our pals no-fi. Merzbow should need no introduction - visual and aural artist Masami Akita is possibly the world's most influential and prolific pioneer in the international noise scene today. Keiji Haino has collaborated with everybody from Derek Bailey to Faust to Boris and can raise merry hell with any instrumental that you throw at the guy (hell, last year at the Sage Gateshead, he played a three-hour show with 40 instruments). Playing live in the beautiful surroundings of the Church of St. Thomas The Martyr on Newcastle's Haymarket, this date is the only other British date (besides Brimingham's Supersonic festival) that they will play, they will almost certainly not play again in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the future, so you really don't want to miss out on this. Support comes from the ever-influental free jazz and improv ensemble The A-Band and Newcastle's own Domovoi. Splendid stuff.

Speaking of the Church of St. Thomas the Martyr, we finally have the pictures up from the Stars of the Lid event. Only took us five weeks like, but there they are. Many thanks to Vicky Williamson and Roger Burlison for those.

Okay folks, stay with it.



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