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  • fakehead

    Check out the documentary, Upside Down: The Creation Records Story. Something every music fan should see.

    april 2015
  • AngryGermanKid

    Awesome bands but McGee was a prick who thought about commercial success only.

    januari 2015
  • candylord123

    januari 2015
  • yudaprayoga

    favourite label ever !!!

    juni 2013

    next to Sarah Records, favourite label ever.

    juni 2013
  • FakePlasticDick

    kick ass

    juni 2012
  • Deeecember


    december 2011
  • CenturiBand

    Amazing label.

    september 2011
  • PartySanCTG

    Yup, them and 4AD were the titans of UK alt-rock.

    september 2011
  • golden_gaze

    what a label!!!

    mars 2011
  • khambrel13

    one of the best labels to be on. with a doubt Creation Records put out some fantastic lps.

    mars 2011
  • FakePlasticDick

    loveless wins

    februari 2011
  • PartySanCTG

    Weekly top tracks being all Loveless = win.

    oktober 2010
  • CraigFairlie_94

    Please Get Oasis Get back!!! McGee Do Somethhing!

    april 2010
  • theghostofrodeo

    greatest record label ever ..... согласен на все 100%!!!! ни одной проходной команды!!! каждый питомец Криэйшн уникален!!!

    februari 2010
  • fncyclps

    Dear Creation Records, could you please remove this album from Primal Scream's album catalog? Songs From Northern Britain is an album by Teenage Fanclub but it appears to be a Primal Scream album in my library when I listen to it. That's because of the wrong entry you made at Primal Scream's album page. Thank you!

    november 2009
  • audio_cl

    actually, the service became "paid". So you won't find it till as long as you do not suscribe.

    oktober 2009
  • silverlage

    What "Creation Records" radio? That's what I came here for and can't find.

    augusti 2009
  • cpschlichte

    listening to the "Creation Records" radio brings me back good souvenirs from the time when I published a indie magazin and interviewed bands like oasis, the verve, pulp or adorable

    mars 2009
  • TrimtheBarber

    Just bought 'doing it for the kids' compilation.....bloody good.

    mars 2009
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