Coeur De Cible C.i.


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  • cybersuicide

    Dear Coeur De Cible C.i. We are a band called Lunic from New York. We've been performing and releasing music since 2006. We're not quite sure what your intentions are in using our band name for your musical project, but we wanted to politely make you aware that we have already trademarked the band name. We are not sure why you would want to use a band name that is already taken? Perhaps you might consider changing the spelling of your band name out of respect for the fact that it was already taken before you released any music. We hope you understand we mean no ill will by this email. We simply find it confusing & difficult to believe that, having been around for 4 years now and having established the Lunic name on every musical website that exists, that you weren't aware of us. In the unlikely case that you were not aware of our band's existence, please consider this a 1st attempt at politely resolving the issue ASAP. Thank you for your time, Lunic

    augusti 2010
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