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25 jan 2011, 14:33

1. Our Language
2. Room 4

Two very slick and sparse techno tracks here, both showcasing Different Language's contemporary production style. "Our Language" and "Room 4" encapsulate you with their driving groove and bold kick drums and percussion. Both of which serve as a blueprint to the label's vibe and ethos.

Not only are the duo producing and DJing, their "Different Language" events, utilising unique outdoor and warehouse spaces, have grown into one of the North of England’s most original and coolest underground parties, attracting some of the scene's finest, such as Sebo K, Simon Baker, Hobo, Hector, Anthea, Bearweasel, Barem, Andrew Grant, Kevin Griffiths and Jens Bond, to namedrop a few.

You can also preview these tracks on the Black Sheep website.

Our Language is out NOW, and available from:

DJ Feedback:
"Room 4 all the way!" - Colin John (Techno Therapy / PointBlank.FM)
"Nice trax - Good label - Thanx - Playing" - Orde Meikle (Slam)
"Pretty groovy for techno!" - Russell Deeks (iDJ)
"Great track! Our Language for me!" - Denis Alentieff
"Room 4 does it for me, It's dark but still has an element of warm funk pushing through in places. nice." - Ceri Cross
"Our Language is a good deep and functional techno tune, will try this one in my sets" - Phuture Traxx
"Another two top tracks from a label that's quickly becoming one of my favourites. It's Room 4 for me, dark and bold this fills the sound field with a big bassy banger. Brilliant." - Grant Paterson (Edinburgh Evening News)
"Room 4 for us, Heavy groove. Will try this out next weekend." - Schadenfreude
"Our Language for www.inmyradio.net " - Littlefive (Italia Network InMyRadio.net)
"Room 4 would by my pick" - Roual Galloway
"Deep.. Dark vibes... very late night techno..." - Jesus Pablo (Deeper Vibes Radio)
"2 fantastic tracks here! Our language is a beast of a heads down techno track." - Derek Taylor (Hostage Records)
"Cool nice atmosphere" - Michael Paterson
"Both great tracks, loving the dark groove on Room 4." - Simon Ledder (WePlayMusic)
"Always the darkest shit on the floor" - Andy Baxter
"Nice dark driving trax, like Room 4" - Animaltek
"I really like Room 4 but Our Language is quite atmospheric" - Martin Lampitt (Eclectic Chair on RadioReverb)
"Really like Room 4, Nice groove" - Marq Walsh
"Have to test loud!" - DJ Felipe
"Room 4 is very nice - will play on "House Of X-Press 2" radio show this week on Ministry radio." - Diesel
"Room 4 for me, fine work yet again!" - Tim Smith
"Really like Our Language." - DJ Tronic (DanceFloor Mayhem / KBOO)
"Room 4 is nice. Full of wobbly goodness!" - Chris Rayner (Inhale)
"Well done boys! Couple of bum shakers! Like the swing on 'Our Language'" - Richard Seeley
"Our language for me. Playing!!" - Lo (Superfreq)
"Our Language is cool. Very spaced out" - Lewis Ryder
"Both tracks are moody, deep and sexy as hell!" - DJ Hal
"Our Language is banging. Eoic stuff, guys and girls." - Pete Morton (HarderFaster.net)
"Our Language 4 me" - Terry Francis (Fabric)
"Our Language is pure dope!! Deep " - Debector (Phosphène)
"Brooding and mystic. Very emotive tunes" - Michael Stukes (Mystic Vybes WHCR 90.3 FM)
"Ah this is a great EP. Love the dreamy Room 4." - Calle Dernulf (P3 Sweden)

-- Black Sheep Trax


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