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Ledare: Erkan-Yilmaz och wood_and_string
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Skapad den: 13 feb 2011
combine wood & string... close your eyes... and enjoy the emerging sounds of the instruments

global tag "wood and string": PLAY

Being able to play the below instruments individually only became uncomfortable, so the tag "" is used to play.You can help too, see here.

Currently there are following ways to start listening:
1. user wood_and_string's library
2. global tag:
3. below tags
4. group radio (note: this will play also other tracks users have)
5. Spotify-playlists:
- from user: wood_and_string
-- top artists
-- recommendations
- "Wood and String" (so far only their own albums and not the also-appears-on-albums since I'm not always sure they fall under the tag)
6. play (available) tracks on Youtube
from user wood_and_string:
- top artists
- recommendations

(play), , (play), ,

(play), (play), , (play)

(play), (play), (play), (play), (play), , (play), (play), , (play), , , , (play)

(play), , , (play)

(play), (play), (play), (play), , (play), (play)

(play), (play), (play) / (play), (play), (play)

(play), (play), (play), (play), (play)
(play), (play)

(play), , , (play), , , (play),

(play), (play), (play),

(play), (play), (play)


more to come...
(if you have ideas, please tell us)

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  • wood_and_string

    @fataverde @chewtoy Thank you very much for your music help/suggestions. To all: let's give that all a listen to, shall we?

    11 jun 2015 Svara
  • fataverde

    Hello everyone, I just joined. Glad to be here. Some recommendations: Rin' (biwa, shakuhachi, koto, sangen, jushichi-gen), Tengger Cavalry (morin khuur),Enkh Jargal (morin khuur), Shigeru Umebayashi (erhu), Twelve Girls Band (erhu, pipa, guzheng, yangqin, dizi, xiao, duxianqin, hulusi), S.E.N.S. (erhu), 坂本昌之 (Sakamoto Masayuki) (erhu).

    11 jun 2015 Svara
  • chewtoy

    My wooden string spotify playlist.

    5 jun 2015 Svara
  • wood_and_string

    I've updated my "music neighbour evolution" page, you can see there which neighbours stay same over time + listen also to their libraries. Start playing mine while reading up on things. Let's see what you think of it.

    8 nov 2014 Svara
  • Shandianzhan

    Some interesting new artists: Guo Gan (Erhu), Mei Han (Zheng, Liuqin) and Red Chamber (Zheng, Liuqin, Pipa, Ruan, Sanxian).

    20 sep 2014 Svara
  • Shandianzhan

    Another pretty interesting musical outfit: Geomungo Factory.

    16 sep 2013 Svara
  • Shandianzhan

    Well, those guys also might be interesting for this group: Chen Leiji (guqin), Kim Young-gil (ajaeng), SooEun Kwak (gayageum) and Wu Zhao (guqin).

    8 dec 2012 Svara
  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    from Shandianzhan posted on 22 Oct 9:48 PM: Hey, Erkan! Ich wollte dich noch auf zwei Künstler aufmerksam machen, die für die "wood and string"-Gruppe interessant wären und vielleicht auch für deine Library und die von wood_and_string: Gu Meigeng und Xu Lisun. Beide spielen die .

    30 okt 2012 Svara
  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    Thanks Alain. @Ranunculus it is a woodwind instrument, but since it has no strings I did not consider it yet

    27 okt 2012 Svara
  • Alainn

    It's possible to create a tweaked version of the Wood and String radio, example: (library:wood_and_string or rec:wood_and_string) not library:Alainn opt:discovery|true (replace Alainn with your own username). Go to http://rumkin.com/tools/compression/base64.php , paste the example, press "Encode to base64" and you should get something like KGxpYnJhcnk6d29vZF9hbmRfc3RyaW5nIG9yIHJlYzp3b29kX2FuZF9zdHJpbmcpIG5vdCBsaWJyYXJ5OkFsYWlubiBvcHQ6ZGlzY292ZXJ5fHRydWU= Append that string to either (last.fm-app) lastfm://rql/ or (web player) http://last.fm/listen/rql/ and you should be able to hear the new tracks.

    10 okt 2012 Svara
  • Ranunculus

    And where is duduk?

    7 okt 2012 Svara
  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    welcome and updated :-) merci...

    16 okt 2011 Svara
  • noeuropaaqui

    Nice group, a lot of good stuff to explore different cultures! Maybe Zither instruments also should be added to the list not only santoor but also kanklės or kantele.

    15 okt 2011 Svara
  • bluesbomb

    wood and string is not a banal tag, it identifies the acoustic sound of instruments chordophones, classical and modern music, Western or Eastern, ethnic, "academic". Different ages and cultures are summarized in two words, the rest is music ... simple and genial

    8 jun 2011 Svara
  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    One of our group members: Thierry-Jean Lanza aka Frenchytj died :-( Please leave a shout at his user page for his family. Thanks!

    22 maj 2011 Svara
  • Frenchytj

    Hi to all the"wood and strings group members! I have a wish:Could someone(s) start a list with the named instruments above,with a short description,history,origin,geographical dispersion,and their role in their national/regional culture.I know,it's a piece of a hard work, but it would be a valuable acquisition for worldmusic lovers/listeners/musicians and also composers.i'll try to help!

    5 maj 2011 Svara
  • FritzDeMers

    Yes, thanks to Erkan-Yilmaz. Up to 15 members, and even showing up in my tag-o-cloud-o-sphere.

    12 apr 2011 Svara

    Big thanks to Erkan-Yilmaz!

    6 mar 2011 Svara


    6 mar 2011 Svara
  • rodionm

    Great idea!

    24 feb 2011 Svara
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