some tools to help you

  • some tools to help you

    background: I started also in this group with having no reverse neighbour

    my experience:
    with Andrew's tool: it took me quite some time to find one reverse neighbour :-(
    so I decided to write tools which help me find reverse neighbours, but also better music here at (*)

    my listening behaviour is like this:
    I just listen online tracks which gives me (I wondered sometimes, if this is the factor which makes me having no rev. neighbour?)
    Of course when I registered at these tracks were not quite my taste,
    but with time + directing with tags (I think I have now >40k tracks tagged): I get now great tracks (thanks
    I mostly let run the mix radio (in earlier times I played user libraries or much earlier: playlists), when I get bored of that I play specific tags: I think having after some time tagged a lot will make the mix radio a good thing for oneself

    Also: since then I've greatly changed my musical listening behaviour:
    from mostly r&b, soul to Asian music + string instruments

    So, after the short intro :-)
    these tools can help you find good music here:
    (be it that you find:
    - users with a similar taste or
    - groups/artists where you can then find users listening these)
    6 degrees

    (*) at first my thinking was: when I find a reverse neighbour that will help me, but as with everything: a good combination is better than focussing on one thing, so I wrote some tools which also include artist/groups I like

    Member of the Musicology group. I appreciate feedback to my 6 albums.

  • So you don't download songs and don't have any music yourself?
    I also listened to radio and half of the songs I didn't like =s
    But the filter and tags were refined and consistently got better and better.
    Now I started to listen to it again as you reminded me of that. I discovered special songs which I consider timeless, but mostly I just have a playlist of about 30 ~ 40 songs I listen to in my computer, psp or iPod, add new songs and discard old ones now & then; thing is that they are very varied and mixed genres, ranging from indie to electronic pseudo classical music (nightwish perhaps), to mexican popular songs and scandinavian pop (Kent for instance).
    So maybe that's why I didn't have any reverse neighbours last time I checked (a couple months ago).
    Pretty important to look for users who listen to artists lo like, simple yet almost never tried by the users Erkan, Just as you pointed out in your article.

  • So you don't download songs and don't have any music yourself?yup
    it's pretty bad when has some trouble streaming, but then I use another music provider - of course it must scrobble to ;-)

    I think I have now >40k tracks taggedit's more actually (see tagging has a limit?):
    924 unique tags
    with: 65136 usage times

    Member of the Musicology group. I appreciate feedback to my 6 albums.

  • though it's hard to do this with figures, I'll experiment soon with the data of the group members here...

    I've added my statistics here
    contains values like:
    ratio: total plays per unique tracks
    albums played

    e.g. one question I had was:
    if the group members have also a small ratio for:
    total plays per unique tracks ?
    (mine is around 3.7)

    Member of the Musicology group. I appreciate feedback to my 6 albums.

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