Artists - promote yourself!

  • Artists - promote yourself!

    Introduce your music project: What is the genre? What are you trying to do? Where do you suggest we start listening?

    Please post links for downloads and fully streaming. I suggest you copy-paste the “xxx plays (yy listeners)” stuff from your page so we can see the growth.

  • Sucht

    Hello! We are "Sucht" from Novosibirsk, Russia.
    We're playing something like an experimental post-punk.
    There are currently recording tracks for the album (and learning to play:)).
    We come sometimes gloomy, but it is simple - we live in Siberia:)
    Download "4" EP

    7660 plays (247 listeners)

    • Guittard sa...
    • Användare
    • 27 apr 2010, 06:12

    Jim Guittard

    I call myself a do it yourself musican. Song-writing is my way of documenting my life and I'll keep doing it whether I get paid or not. I have chosen the following genres to do this: psychedelic, folk-rock, country-rock, lo-fi, experimental/avant garde.

    Influences I have are Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Tom Petty, and the Byrds and the Brian Jonestown Massacre and front man Anton Newcombe and even NWA.

    I want to say music is positive

    Download my 4 albums for free:

    Here's my artist page.

    Jim Guittard


    • Macduff sa...
    • Användare
    • 27 apr 2010, 11:07
    Hi Guys, I am Benjamin from

    Make My Day
    Genres: Rock, Hard Rock, Power Rock
    1,353 plays (149 listeners)
    Download our debut 4 track EP for free on our page or on Bandcamp (in return for an email address)
    Our official webpage:

    We come from Marburg, Germany. We blend the good vibes and melodies of Rock with the riffing and precision of Metal, resulting in ageless, yet modern rock sounds.

    We would very much appreciate a connection and a visit by the taggingmachine.

    I think the Idea is awesome! Not only as a musician, but also a listener. Now I can find all the obscure stuff easily... :)

    • P4Z1F1S7 sa...
    • Användare
    • 27 apr 2010, 11:47


    Hi there!

    I noticed that my band Slavery got tagged as "under 2000 listerners", so i wanted to introduce ourselves. =-)

    9,961 plays (448 listeners)

    We're a Progressive Thrash Metal Band (or something like that) from Ulm, Germany, which combines the sound of traditional Heavy Metal in the style of Iron Maiden with modern elements, ranging from (Melodic) Thrash Metal to Progressive Metal.
    We recorded our first full length named "Lost Reality" in April at Kohlekellerstudios, where already bands like Agathodaimon, Disillusion or Benighted recorded their albums.
    The album can be downloaded at several blogs on the internet, due to the terms of Creative Commons, which makes downloading and copying of the music legal. So feel free to download our album, have a listen and spread the music, if you like it =-).

    You can also order the CD at our website:

    So, that's all I guess. Feel free to comment at and thank you very much for adding my band to your group.

    Best regards, up the cans,

  • Imil
    3,081 plays (426 listeners)

    Imil is a Dutch solo project specialized in genres within extreme EDM (Hardcore, Gabber, Terror, Speedcore/Splittercore)
    Imil is my second identity

    I've been making songs for quite a while and over the past year I've been released on various (net-)labels that support the genres I love.
    My most succesful works seem to be my Speedcore tunes (a load of them are downloadable on my page)

    You can download my first solo EP (released december 1st 2009) here:

    • almsaffr sa...
    • Användare
    • 27 apr 2010, 15:43
    Fsik Huvnx

    533 plays (126 listeners)

    My solo project of darker, experimental ambient/drone music which incorporates anything from bowed and treated guitar and other instruments, field recordings, manipulated sounds, turntables and loops.

    A good mix of the darker side of NWW, BJ Nilsen, Beequeen and horror film music.

    Full streamable tracks here:

    • dimoe sa...
    • Användare
    • 29 apr 2010, 08:01
    291 Mal gespielt (61 Hörer)

    Album: Die Propperbrüder

    Album: Battle24find Songbuch

    Genre: german hip-hop, rap, diss, comedy, hip hop

  • Der Plutonische Orden

    Der Plutonische Orden


    We are an electronic experimental postpunk psychedelic chillout old school industrial avantgardery sound poetry krautrock band.

    Thank you for tagging us and please enjoy our music.

  • Robin Mitchell

    I record conceptual EPs in basements and bedrooms, and also make some poppy electro stuff as Mystery White Boy.

    All my stuff is free on bandcamp. I love sounds. etc.

  • Hi from 28-200

    We're an alternative rock duo from Denver, Colorado. Thanks for the tag!


    804 plays (560 listeners)

    28-200 Official Website

    • Dimax4 sa...
    • Användare
    • 30 apr 2010, 18:40

    Khornovsky Disjunkt notes

  • Thanks for starting this thread!

    My name is Helen Sventitsky, and I am based out of Sacramento, CA. (click on that link to go to my page). What I do is usually classed as "Alternative", but I would consider myself performing electronica with a folk and rock twist. You can also check out my music, in it's various states of readiness, on my soundclick page: I also have a CD out at and you can also download it at Again, thanks, and hope you enjoy!

    • jeddest sa...
    • Användare
    • 30 apr 2010, 20:04

    Admiral Twin wants you

    Hi...I'm Jarrod from Admiral Twin.

    I guess you'd call us an indie pop band...maybe pop-rock...certainly a power trio. Somewhere in that neighborhood. But we like to experiment with instruments and sounds to take songs in different directions...and we love big harmonies. Three songwriters, three singers, a lot of creative head-butting. Somehow we make it all work out.

    Listeners: 1,864
    Plays scrobbled: 21,845

    Here's our semi-official band bio: Named after a drive-in theater from their hometown of Tulsa, OK, pop-rock trio Admiral Twin are absolutely peerless in the unpredictable world of illegal street chainsaw fighting. They also write catchy songs and aren't afraid of using brazen harmonies, eccentric arrangements, and cheap thrift shop keyboards to get their musical point across on their self-produced CDs. What, exactly, is their musical point? Well, it has something to do with bears and aeronautics and abandonment issues. You know...that kind of stuff. Just have a listen. The band has toured extensively across North America, and their music has been used in various feature films and TV shows. It's available at all the usual online sources (iTunes, amazon, etc. etc.) Shooby doo.

    Hope to hear from you fine folks...drop me a line anytime.
    --Jarrod Gollihare--

    • tubbu sa...
    • Användare
    • 1 maj 2010, 13:14


    Hi, I'm Radarfilm
    Electronica, Ambient, IDM, House liveact.
    You can download my albums for free, check out

    Lastfm link:

    Thanks for listening!!

  • I am Lana and the Sometimes Girl

    I'm from Australia, i make low-fi droney psychedelic improvisational guitar music. Just started recording earlier this year, still getting the hang of things and uploading the highlights to my page.

    Swing by, leave a comment.

  • My projects / bands

  • Sugarlust


    2,214 plays (82 listeners)

    Three piece indie band from Cheshire.

    Made up of Ian Holland (Vocals/ Guitar), “Wedge” (Vocals/ Bass), Scott Gallagher (Drums) Sugarlust have been going since 1999. Building up a local following from Congleton, Cheshire and surrounding towns, they have released two EP’s, the cleverly titled ‘EP’ and ‘Blackout EP’. Both EPs are now sold out but the new album titled Worth The Weight is out NOW on iTunes and Amazon. com on CD and MP3 with all tracks remixed and remastered and several brand new recordings. All our recordings are available on LAST FM!

  • Hi,
    I'm Trisha & my "band" is Woody's A Girl. I'm a solo artist & I just do vocal harmonies, guitar (electric & acoustic) and the odd effect added in. A few of my latest songs have GarageBand percussion/drums added, but i'm not particularly good at making it sound right.

    Recording quality varies a lot...some are old and were done before I had any decent mics...recent ones are done entirely on my Mac laptop, i.e. singing/playing into some of them are pretty quiet! esp. the electric guitar ones where i try to make them loud enough while keeping next door's baby in mind :P

    artist page is here:

    Current stats:
    594 plays (128 listeners)

    Top albums:
    Abyss This
    She Hates You
    Asshole Diaries
    Does A Modest Girl Make

    Most ofm y songs are free downloads! I also have an album of covers I've done, titled Under Cover.

    Gonna check out some of the other artists on this thread now :)

    "We've graduated now from [being called] 'the next Jane's Addiction' to 'the next Nirvana,' now we're 'the next Pearl Jam.'" (Billy Corgan, 1993)
    Music is my boyfriend.
    Woody's a girl @
    • Tyn_ sa...
    • Användare
    • 4 maj 2010, 18:50


    Tyn is a dutch producer based in Haarlem. He has been producing music in the range of: drum&bass, instrumental hiphop and techno-ambient. He is inspired by artists like: Photek, Source Direct, Future Sound Of London, DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, RZA, Stoupe, DJ Premier and Pete Rock.

    His first album “Hidden Sources” has been released on iMusician Digital.
    It is available for download on iTunes and other online-shops.

    Hidden Sources

    just recorded a demo at home, and planning to record some more. Inspired by post-metal and some other music, but calling this post-metal, post-rock or whatever else would be too ambitious. Just an instrumental stuff with bad-ass quality. Would be very thankful if somebody listens and leaves his opinion. Like "this is complete crap" or whatever else:)

    • g6120 sa...
    • Användare
    • 7 maj 2010, 16:48
    Hi, I'm Gil from the San Francisco Bay area and my music is reminiscent of the singer songwriter era with my main influences being artists like Neil Young, Crosby Stills Nash, Bruce Cockburn, Tom Waits, Stephen Stills, John Lennon, Beatles, Leo Kottke, Pat Metheny and so many more.

    I mainly perform solo acoustic but I do have a couple of full band tracks completed for a new yet unreleased CD. I do have an artist profile here on however they have stopped full length previews here. My artist page here is:

    Perhaps the best place to hear full length at highest quality is through my BandCamp sites for CD releases:

    (3) CD Releases

    CD Release: Touching Souls

    CD Release: Star 9 Born Somewhere

    Thanks for listening!

    Cheers, GilGil Michael

    Cheers, Gil

    Gil's Music on
    Redigerad av g6120 den 4 sep 2012, 23:55
  • BFF from Neverever

    Check out the mossy rock and abstract pop sounds of BFF from Neverever Records. Download Chat Room Fever and others for free on the BFF page and check out their interesting sub-creations on Neverever Things. Watch BACON from The Mossy Rock Album by BFF:

    • Napalmer sa...
    • Användare
    • 11 maj 2010, 00:32
    I'm vocalist in Tectum - / band from Ukraine

    free tracks of Demo Album "Alpha" (2009) on lastfm

    7 070 plays scrobbled (910 listeners)

    Vocalist of Tectum ( | ) band from Ukraine
    • Napalmer sa...
    • Användare
    • 11 maj 2010, 00:32
    I'm vocalist in Tectum - / band from Ukraine

    free tracks of Demo Album "Alpha" (2009) on lastfm

    7 070 plays scrobbled (910 listeners)

    Vocalist of Tectum ( | ) band from Ukraine
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