:take: and White/Lichens split

  • :take: and White/Lichens split


    The first volume of our Split Series will come out early november. We are very proud and happy to begin two bands that we love : :take:, the new project of our friend Jérôme Boutinot, and White/Lichens, the super project of Jeremy Lemos and Matt Clark from White/Light and Rbt. AA Lowe from Lichens and 90 Day Men.

    The tracklist is :
    A1 :take: - Paysage avec Fer
    A2 :take: - Joie de Résistance
    B1 White/Lichens - Tonight's the Night

    This will come on a beautiful 10" vinyl, in limited and hand-numered edition of 500 ex and in digital download. Of course, a digital download is offered for anyone who buys the LP.

    You can already listen to Joie de Résistance here and a preview of the 2 other tracks.

  • yeah yeah yeah !

  • the artwork

    • grampish sa...
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    • 13 nov 2008, 09:08
    666 668 club ?

  • poster une pochette noir desir style la veille de leur retour surprise, si c'est pas balaise ça!

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