The new sixtyone site

  • The new sixtyone site

    What does everyone think?
    I have to admit that I'm not a fan of it at all at this point.

  • I have to agree. I've only had a brief look at it so far, but the lack of lists of songs that are hot right now etc, as well as the inability to choose genres is really getting to me.

    • laforest sa...
    • Användare
    • 21 jan 2010, 16:08
    It's a piece of crap. Bring back the real (old) 61!

  • the old sixtyone site

    btw, the old site is still available here:
    for the time being at least......

    btw, every tag you have will become a new playlist on the new site, so if you want to save your saved songs, better tag them. or feature them...

  • Disappointed

    I am not happy with it but hoping they will add back some of the old functionality.

  • Prefer the old thesixtyone

    it's missing a lot of the features

  • some protest songs are already up

  • Dr. Mic and the Brain Ninjas

    that Dr. Mic and the Brain Ninjas song is pretty great

  • It's nowhere near as easy to use or intuitive and I think it looks worse, really preferred the old one


    and I respect that in the cool light of a new day. I will retire listener account and keep a few songs up as artist. amen . serioussauce, and nice to meet all of you.

  • Sam and James should listen to their customers, aka Us!

    by all rights, it's their site but if they actually want to succeed they may want to actually engage in a conversation with their customers. Perhaps the only way they might actually get this is if they see drastic drop in hits to their site. But as an artist, the new design killed what was great about the t61 -- the ability to directly interact with fans and artists alike. If it wasn't for the old t61, my collab with Jef to form The Long Division would have never happened. Here's to Sam and James hopefully seeing that an upgrade isn't an upgrade if it removes all the working parts.

    • aintrad sa...
    • Användare
    • 30 jun 2010, 11:56

    In all fairness, I did try

    but as soon as I figured it out (assuming that I did),

    i was disappointed. it just lost all the features that i liked t61 for. :< as a listener i kinda enjoyed discovering music over there in ways that the site wunnerfully allowed. in all honesty and objectivity, its current state simply sucks! hmph!

    Popularity AINT the measure of RADness.
  • some thoughts

    the new The 61 is cool for a little while (thats all I knew when I first started) but it gets old fast and lacks the usability to keep you coming back....I use the now but from what I have heard it lacks some of the old features...its seems like the site stopped being a site you can use comfortably and with ease for an extended period of far, I am finding a lot of new music on instead

  • Yes, and they haven't updated their official blog since February 1st. It appears they don't care about their site or their users.

    • trusktr sa...
    • Användare
    • 13 nov 2010, 08:08

    The old rocked!

    We need all the features we loved back.

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