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Dubstep Tunes and Culture

Unofficial group of r/realdubstep subreddit.

Dubstep evolved out of Jamaican dub and UK 2-step garage,
characterized by sub-bass (below 90Hz) and the 2-step
kick-kick-snare pattern in each successive measure.
Early producers predominantly created the music to be played
on huge sound systems because the sub-bass was meant to
be experienced and not just listened to.
It was essentially as much a culture as it was music.

There are many producers of traditional dubstep, but here's just a few:

- Horsepower Productions
- Skream
- Benga
- Digital Mystikz (Mala and Coki)
- Loefah
- Kode9

Few labels worth look out to:

- Black Box / Box Clever
- Deep Medi Musik
- NarcoHz
- Osiris Music
- Swamp 81
- Tempa
- Tectonic

Bass Music Release Sheets

'If your tune sounds like a bunch of power tools at a Home Depot – that's not bass, that's not sub, therefore, it's not dubstep!'

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