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Skapad den: 11 dec 2008
This group is dedicated to all, who love the music played on radio-shadowplay ( ) ! What it will be is laying in our own hands!

Listen to radio-shadowplay

Darklands, the music-blog around radio-shadowplay

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radio-shadowplay supports young, ambitious and/or unexplored artists by "airplay":
All you've seen, Analog Angel, Ansaphone, The Arctic Flow, Area24, Arise-X, Atomic Neon, Blacklist, BlackMail, Brigade Rosse, Cecilia::Eyes, Chatham Rise, Churchhill Garden, The Cold, Curious, Danish Daycare, Davos, Dead Curtis, Defekt 86, DIN[A] Tod, Emerald Park, Epic Dreams, The Exploding Boy, Factory Floor, Feeding Fingers, Freakwave, Guilty Strangers, Halo Effect, Hatifnats, Henk Jr., Human Tetris, Hungry Lucy, Jellybelly, Joy/Disaster, Light in your Life (former Sleazy Romance), Life's Decay, Lunacy Box, Masquer, The Maximilians, Moonrise, Motorama, My Violaine Morning, Pen Expers, Plastique Noir, Rhombus, Rroyce, (((S))), The Silent Party, Snowdonnas, Split Seconds, Veil Veil Vanish, Verboten Küssen, Violent Vision, t.b.c...

Your favourite albums of last week (taken from elected members - if you want your albums to be shown here - please let me know, if you won't too)
IndiMichi: Stehleiter: VincentCraine: darkerradio:
moomin-girl: Morgaine79: Bloodfl0wer:
UnerKAnt-Ghost: IsabellaKessler:
Pioneer80: allisplastic: Claudia_78:
find-a-cure: notlila:
Geyumasan: Marheva:
Parkize15: alnette: [
jacauemonde: MrPinkEyes:
RogueDoll1971: forsattelites:
ZelosWilder88: Euphoric_Corpse:
PrettyPoleCat: Hypnaswan:

IndiMichi: Stehleiter: VincentCraine: darkerradio:

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