• "...this is the old dude, harold j. reynolds , and you're listening to less than…

    13 jun 2015, 22:47 av rawkthecasbah

    Thu 11 Jun – Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Ballyhoo!

    a few things on this show:
    the guys in ballyhoo are just a wee bit too old to be forgiven for the sound they are trying for. so bad. wish i would've gotten there later to avoid hearing this band.

    LTJ were great as always. i think i've seen them at bogarts at least 8 times. plenty of hello rockview and losing streak, which is always welcome, as those are their best records. they opened with "look what happened" and ended with back to back "history of a boring town" and "all my best friends are metalheads". love these guys and will always try and see them when they are in cincinnati!

    reel big fish are fun, for sure, but, the schtick is definitely wearing thin. anything after the Why Do They Rock So Hard album is pretty much dreck. they opened with "everyone else is an asshole", the only good recent era song they have. managed to hear "trendy", "the kids don't like it", and their cover of "brown eyed girl" before leaving after about 40 minutes of them due to having a very early work arrival the next morning.
  • Neeshcast: Album of the Week #21

    29 maj 2015, 20:17 av neesh

    On September 20th Coheed and Cambria’s major label debut will turn 10 years old. In celebration, I’ve picked it for this week’s Album of the Week! Make sure to lend an ear to Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness this week!

    Here’s a Spotify playlist including all of our Albums of the Week to date, with the exception of Cage’s Hell’s Winter, Porcupine Tree’s The Sky Moves Sideways, and King Crimson’s Thrak (they’re not in Spotify’s library).

    Jan 7th – 14th: Cage – Hell’s Winter
    Jan 14th – 21st: Alanis MorissetteJagged Little Pill
    Jan 21st – 28th: 3Wake Pig
    Jan 28th – Feb 4th: RadioheadThe Bends
    Feb 4th – 11th: ThriceVheissu
    Feb 11th – 18th: DeftonesAdrenaline
    Feb 18th - 25th: dredgCatch Without Arms
    Feb 25th - Mar 4th: Mr. BungleDisco Volante
    Mar 4th - 11th: Weerd Science - Friends And Nervous Breakdowns
    Mar 11th - 18th: Jawbreaker - Dear You
    Mar 18th - 25th: Bear vs. Shark - Terrorhawk
    Mar 25th - Apr 1: Porcupine Tree - The Sky Moves Sideways
    Apr 1st - 8th: Circa Survive - Juturna
    Apr 8th - 15th: Sunny Day Real Estate - LP2
    Apr 15th - 22nd: The Receiving End of Sirens - Between the Heart and the Synapse
    Apr 22nd - 29th: Hum - You’d Prefer An Astronaut
    Apr 29th - May 6th: Gatsbys American Dream - Volcano
    May 6th - 13th: The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
    May 13th - 20th: The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute
    May 20th - 27th: King Crimson - THRAK
    May 20th - June 3rd: Coheed and Cambria - Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness

    A new album is announced every Wednesday night during the Neeshcast between 7-11pm Central on Radio Xenu.
  • " know you make me wanna say so long, you know you make me wanna say…

    17 apr 2015, 04:43 av rawkthecasbah

    Destruction By Definition

    just saw suicide machines playing blocks away from my house. played the destruction by definition record front to back, plus a few battle hymns tracks. i got to open Jay's beer with my opener on my keys, and got to sing a few lines of Too Much into the mic with him. such a great time, and i feel invigorated having seen such a staple of my growing up into that scene.
  • My 2014 Year End List

    16 jan 2015, 05:43 av irishtim

    Wow, it's hard to believe it's that time again. Is it just me, or did this year just fly by in a blink. After compiling my list of albums I obtained and listened to, I'm convinced that this year was pretty bland as far as great albums go. There definitely are a few the were stellar, but with the exception of a select few, nothing absolutely blew me away. Enough chatter and on to the list.

    My 10 Favorite*
    *(in alphabetical order)

    Baptists - Bloodmines
    This album has gotten a lot of negative reviews and press complaining that it fell flat in comparison to their debut, Bushcraft. While I agree that this album doesn't come close to the brilliance that Bushcraft was, Bloodmines certainly does not suck. In fact, songs like Vistas, Festered, and Calling are some of my favorites that they've written to date. Nick Yacyshyn also continues to establish himself as one of the best drummers in the heavy music realm with his incredibly technical and speedy delivery.

    Every Time I Die - From Parts Unknown
    These guys have always been hit and miss with me. I loved Gutter Phenomenon, didn't like The Big Dirty as much; I loved New Junk Aesthetic, but didn't like Ex Lives. It seems like every other album lacked from the previous. By that thinking and reasoning, I should love this new one... and I do. The band also did themselves a favor by enlisting the services of the best producer in the metal scene, Kurt Ballou. The end result is a well produced, technically solid release that does not disappoint.

    Enabler - La Fin Absolute Du Monte
    Their release "All Hail The Void" narrowly missed my cut for the top ten in 2012. This year brought us their follow up full length. Although not as strong as their previous release, this 3-piece from Milwaukee sure knows how to melt faces with their blend of fast pissed off hardcore, punk, metal. Highly recommended for fans of bands such as Converge and All Pigs Must Die.

    Generation of Vipers - Coffin Wisdom
    This was probably my favorite release of 2014. This band fucking slays!!! If you're not familiar with these guys, they play an awesome mix of post-metal and sludge with riffs and rhythms that hit so hard, you'll be picking your teeth up off the floor. If you're into heavy music with growling vocals, chugging dark riffage, and pounding drum rhythms, do yourself a favor and get this album.

    Helms Alee - Sleepwalking Sailors
    This band has gotten better with every album in my opinion. Their debut Night Terrors was great, their follow up Weatherhead was even better and made my top ten in 2011. This year, the band releases their best album to date. Great heavy, sludgy song-writing with 3 part, male/female vocal harmonies. I've also said it before and I'll say it again, Hozoji Matheson-margullis is my favorite female drummer and she keeps getting better. She's got some serious chops on this album.

    Minus the Bear - Lost Loves
    I wasn't expecting this album to be this good let alone to crack the exclusive top ten. Don't get me wrong, I love me some MTB, but their last few releases have not lived up to the greatness of their earlier releases. Lost Loves brings back those elements of technical finger tapping and complex song-writing that hooked me in the first place. This album puts to the wayside the simplified and mainstreamed sound of the last few releases and returns the band to their earlier sound that put them on the map.

    Mursa - MRSA
    Here's my curveball in the top ten. This album was a gem of a find while cursing around on Bandcamp one day. This 3-piece band of youngsters from Portland, Oregon solidified their spot in the top ten with an album chalked full of crushing, heavy, sludgy goodness. Looking for that new metal band that no one has ever heard of? Than look no further than these guys. Check it out for yourself, you won't be letdown

    Run With The Hunted - The Sieve and The Sand
    This was another random discovery while poking around on Bandcamp. Run With The Hunted play a blend of high energy, pissed off, chaotic, hardcore punk that would be a welcome sound in the toughest of mosh pits. I have a hard time not pumping my fists while listening to this album at an ungodly volume. This could easily be the soundtrack to a massive street brawl or neighborhood riot.

    Steaksauce Mustache - The Almighty Aardvoctomalark!
    After years of playing shows, and numerous line-up changes, my hometown Grants Pass, Oregon's own Steaksauce Mustache finally released their debut full length album via Bandcamp. This album is highly recommended for any fans of early The Dillinger Escape Plan, Norma Jean, The Chariot, and Arsonists Get All The Girls. Check it our for yourself, name your price @

    United Nations - The Next Four Years
    It was a long 4 year wait since their epic EP Never Mind the Bombings, Here's Your Six Figures, but it was well worth the wait. This supergroup featuring members of Thursday, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Pianos Become the Teeth, and one of my favorite drummers Ben Koller of Converge, Mutoid Man & All Pigs Must Die to name a few, delivers an all out assault on their second full length album. I can only hope it won't take another 4 long years before we'll from this awesome band again.

    Other Greats*
    *(Not quite top ten)

    ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - IX
    Not my favorite album of theirs, but really good nonetheless. these guys really can't do no wrong in my book.

    Audrey Fall - Mitau
    Really great , , album from this 4-piece band from Latvia.

    Barrows - Red Giant
    This Los Angeles , , caught my attention with their 2011 release, Imprecari Island. This release is just as memorable. Check out for yourself, both releases are name your price @

    Dirt Cannon - Tough Love
    Superb , album from a band obviously heavily influenced by bands such as Every Time I Die, He Is Legend and Cancer Bats. Regardless, I really enjoyed this one.

    Ire Wolves - The Ascetic
    Very solid debut from this 3-piece band from Duluth, MN. Recommended for fans of Isis, Cult of Luna or Mouth of the Architect. Find out, name your price, here

    Jack And The Bearded Fisherman - Minor Noise
    Don't let their kinda foolish name deter you. This French , band narrowly escaped my top ten in 2011 with their Places To Hide album. They did the same thing in 2014 with this release too.

    Kerretta - Pirohia
    I've love everything this , band has released to date, and this album is no exception.

    La Mar - Tides
    Great , , band from Caracas, Venezuela. I listened to this one a lot.

    Mastodon - Once More 'Round the Sun
    I believe that I mentioned it before that I've came to terms with the fact that gone are the days of the Remission/Leviathan era Mastodon and that they've molded their sound into something different. With that said, I do love me some Mastodon. This album is catchy as hell and it grew on me quite a bit.

    Minerva Superduty - Minerva Superduty
    Anyone who knows me and my musical taste knows that I'm a sucker for a great instrumental band. This was probably my favorite album without vocals in 2014. I couldn't get enough of it. Not to mention they made it a name your price @

    Nero Di Marte - Derivae
    Awesome technical album from this 4-piece band hailing from Bologna, Italy. Recommended for fans of Gojira, Neurosis, and Tool.

    Oceanic - Origin
    When this , , band from Halifax, Nova Scotia locks into one of their many complex and off-time rhythms, it gives me goosebumps. Very solid debut album.

    Good, not great*
    *worth mentioning

    Akela -Akela (Hardcore, Post-Metal)

    Alaskan - Despair, Erosion, Loss (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Alinda - Comets' Tails (Post-Rock)

    Allochiria - Omonoia (Post-Metal)

    Aminals - Dead Air (Hardcore)

    Amniac - Infinite (Sludge)

    Amouth - Awaken (Post-Metal)

    Antethic - Origin (Instrumental, Post-Rock)

    Appollonia - Dull Parade (Post-Hardcore, Post-Metal, Alt Metal)

    As We Draw - Mirages (Post-Metal, Hardcore)

    Astralia - Atlas (Instrumental Rock)

    Attic - Seasons (Hardcore, Death Metal, Progressive)

    Bear the Mammoth - Yamadori (Post-Rock)

    Becoming The Lion - Automa (Instrumental Rock)

    Beware of Safety - Lotusville (Instrumental, Post-Rock)

    Bird Eater - Dead Mothers Make The Sun Set (Chaotic Hardcore, Sludge)

    Body Hound - Rhombus Now (Progressive, Math, Instrumental Rock)

    Brontide - Artery (Post-Hardcore)

    Carne - Ville Morgue (Noise Rock, Post-Hardcore, Sludge)

    Challenger Deep - Irreversible (Post-Metal)

    Clover - Vultures (Hardcore)

    Cold Blue Mountain - Old Blood (Post-Metal)

    Comrades - Safekeeper (Instrumental Rock)

    Cotidal - Lunar Day (Post-Metal)

    Deaf Eyes - Deaf Eyes (Instrumental Metal)

    Direwolves - Aegri Somnia (Hardcore)

    Earthship - Withered (Sludge, Post-Metal)

    Echoes and Signals - V (Instrumental Rock)

    Escapethecult - All You Want To (Progressive Rock)

    Exalt - Pale Light - (Hardcore)

    Father Figure - Heavy Meddlers (Progressive, Jazz, Instrumental)

    Giza - I Am The Ocean, I Am The Sea (Instrumental, Sludge, Stoner)

    Gunfight Fever - Gunfight Fever (Instrumental Metal)

    Gust - Gust (Hardcore)

    HawkMoth - Calamitas (Instrumental, Post-Metal)

    Herod - They Were None (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Huldra - Black Tides (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Ilenkus - The Crossing (Hardcore)

    Ilydaen - The Crossing (Instrumental, Post-Rock)

    In The Presence of Wolves - Thalassas (Progressive, Post-Hardcore)

    Jakob - Sines (Post-Rock)

    Key of Solomon - Exile (Progressive, Instrumental Metal)

    LANDS - Misanthropy (Post-Metal)

    Lost in the Riots - Move On, Make Trails (Instrumental Rock)

    Mantar - Death By Burning (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Marasme - De Ilums I Ombres (Post-Hardcore, Hardcore)

    The Mercury Tree - Countenance (Progressive, Indie Rock)

    Moanaa - Descent (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Mongrels - Gnawed Bones (Hardcore)

    Moutheater - Passing Key (Noise Rock)

    N.Tesla - Lux Manifesto (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Old Man Gloom - Ape Of God (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Pet Slimmers of the Year - Fragments Of Uniforms (Instrumental Rock)

    Redwood Hill - Collider (Sludge)

    The Return South - The Return South (Instrumental Rock)

    Ritual Mess - Vile Art (Noise Rock)

    Rodha - Welter Through The Ashes (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    The Samuel Jackson Five - Seasons In The Hum (Instrumental, Post-Rock)

    Save Us From Archon - Thereafter (Math, Instrumental Rock)

    Show Me A Dinosaur - Dust (Instrumental, Post-Rock)

    Slugdge - Gastronomicon (Hardcore, Sludge)

    Sora Shima - You Are Surrounded (Post-Rock)

    Telepathy - 12 Areas (Instrumental Metal)

    Terraforma - Creatures (Instrumental Rock)

    Terronaut - (Instrumental Rock, Post-Metal)

    These Are My Tombs - Morphosis (Instrumental, Post-Rock)

    Torrential Downpour - Truth Knowledge Vision (Hardcore)

    TotorRo - Home Alone (Instrumental Rock)

    Trade in a Temple - Obsession (Instrumental Metal)

    Trudger - Dormiveglia (Hardcore, Sludge)

    Tsima - Shatter (Post-Metal)

    Watered - Some Are Born Into The Endless Night (Instrumental Rock)

    Yarn Of Norna - Ronové (Post-Metal)

    Yoma - Approaching Silence (Post-Metal)

    Biggest Disappointments

    Giant Squid - Minoans
    I've really enjoyed everything this band had released up to this point. This album fell flat to their previous work. I found it kind of boring and uninventive for their standards.

    He Is Legend - Heavy Fruit
    This makes me really sad that I have to put this one in the disappointment list. I just could not get into this one at all. After about song 4, it just drags and never picks back up to the intensity that they're know for.

    Maybeshewill - Fair Youth
    A big letdown of a release from one of my favorite cinematic instrumental rock bands. Nothing really grabbed me enough to stay interested in this album.

    This Will Destroy You - Another Language
    For a little time there, I though this band would battle Explosions In The Sky for the throne of best instrumental and climactic band. But, in my opinion, this band peaked with their debut EP, Young Mountain. Every album since then has gotten less and less interesting.

    Young and in the Way - When Life Comes To Death
    I was really hoping they would have built on the momentum from their last 3 releases. But this one feels a step in the opposite direction to me.

    Well I think that about wraps it up for 2014. It may seem like I listened to a ton of albums (which I did) but as you might notice, I didn't really have that much to say about the majority of them. All in all, I think this was a pretty down year as a whole as far as great albums goes. It was actually fairly difficult determining my favorite ten.

    As always, your comments, suggestions, two cents, and hate mail is more than welcome. If you feel I missed the mark on something, for sure let me know. It won't hurt my feelings.
  • My (belated) 2013 year end list.

    3 feb 2014, 08:16 av irishtim

    Every year I hope to get this list up earlier, but a new career change has consumed most of my time lately. I'm not complaining, I love my new job and I still get to listen to whatever I want all day, but I won't have as much time to spend searching for new music or contributing to this site.

    I don't care if these lists don't get read all that much anymore- other than by a few of you dedicated'ers (you know who you are)- I still enjoy putting them together. Enough said, here's my list for 2013.

    My 10 Favorite*
    *(in alphabetical order)

    Arsonists Get All The Girls-Listen To The Color
    The return of their former lead vocalist Remi Rodberg allowed Arsonists to return their earlier chaotic form. Not that I didn't enjoy their last two efforts, Portals and Motherland, I really did. Listen To The Color just takes the sometimes predictable sound of the previous two and replaces it with the fast, blast beat sound that put this band on the map. This album is killer!

    This was probably my favorite album of the year. Baptists chose renowned producer and Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou to record and mix this gem of a heavy album. And it was worth every penny of theirs. Bushcraft is heavy with hints of and all blended together. Every song is just downright brutal and badass. I'm also super stoked to see former A Textbook Tragedy drummer Nick Yacyshyn find a band worthy of his extraordinary drumming prowess. This one not to be missed for anyone a fan of this genre of music.

    East Of The Wall-Redaction Artifacts
    There is nothing that this band can't do that I just don't love. Although not as strong as their 2011 release, The Apologist, Redaction Artifacts is nothing short of progressive brilliance. This album is packed full of songs that vary from well-composed melodic structures to heavy and pounding arrangements. If you haven't given any of their albums a listen yet, you're missing out.

    Intronaut-Habitual Levitations
    This one actually took a little while to grow on me. I wasn't blown away with it after my first few listens. Come to think of it, I felt the same way about their 2010 release Valley Of Smoke too. I've come to terms with the fact that they've evolved from their earlier aggressive, growling sound found in their first few albums to a more melodic approach. The musicianship is incredible as usual. Joe Lester and Danny Walker are still the best bass and drum combo around, and Sacha and Dave's vocal harmonies get better with every album. Not my favorite of theirs', but an awesome album worthy of my top ten nonetheless.

    I don't care that these guys sing their songs in Swedish, it doesn't matter, this album is badass. Super catchy, high energy songs with hints of , , and . I enjoyed this one so much that I completely forget that I can't understand a word they're saying. By the way, this is another Kurt Ballou project.

    Nice Hooves-Nice Hooves
    Here's my surprise discovery of the year. Featuring members of another one of my favorite bands The Armed, Nice Hooves is incredibly loud and noisy with elements of hardcore, punk and metal. The best part about this awesome hard-hitting debut is that they're giving it away for FREE!!! You be missing out if you didn't grab it and find out for yourself. Check it out here And what do you know, another Kurt Ballou undertaking.

    Queens of the Stone Age-...Like Clockwork
    After a long wait, Josh Homme is back again with his knack for cleaver and catchy song-writing. Although I enjoy all of their work, their previous two were probably my least favorites. Like Clockwork, on the other hand, reminds me more of their earlier work, and Songs For The Deaf in particular, my personal favorite. This album did however see the exit of drummer Joey Castillo. Good news is that he was replaced with one of my favorite drummers ever, Jon Theodore.

    Red Fang-Whales And Leaches
    These guys have quickly become one of my favorite bands in the last year or so. Whales And Leaches is a heavy blend of hooky, but sludgy and metal. It's a little more mainstream sounding than their previous two albums, but a great album worthy of my top ten nonetheless.

    Russian Circles-Memorial
    Russian Circles continue to establish themselves as a giant in the now somewhat stale genre. It amazes me the intricate and complex sound this band can create as a 3-piece with no vocals. Memorial is a great mix of melodic landscapes mixed with heavy, dynamic and layered riffs. This is my favorite album of theirs since Station.

    Tomahawk is back. After embracing the weird and experimental sound of their 2001 self-titled and 2003 Mit Gas, they underwhelmed me with 2007's Anonymous. I know it was critically acclaimed, but I think it was too far of a departure from the first two albums. I just couldn't wrap my head around it, and I still can't to this day. Oddfellows, on the other hand, is a return to that weird and experimental sound that they captured in their early years. This is my favorite of all of Mike Patton's many projects.

    Other Greats*
    *(Not quite top ten)

    All Pigs Must Die-Nothing Violates This Nature
    Not as strong as 2011's God Is War, but an awesome album. Ben Koller continues to amaze me with his drumming chops. Another Kurt Ballou recorded and produced project.

    And So I Watch You From Afar-All Hail Bright Futures
    Awesome from northern Ireland. If you're not familiar with this band, all of their releases are stellar. This album is no exception.

    The Dillinger Escape Plan-One Of Us Is The Killer
    After all these years, DEP continues to kick our asses with energetic and chaotic madness. I had this in my top ten early in the year, but it got bumped out as the year progressed. Nevertheless, this is a badass album.

    Humanfly-Awesome Science
    It seems like every year someone recommends me an album from a band I don't care for. Awesome Science is that album this year. I haven't liked anything this band has put out, until Awesome Science. It's too bad that the band spilt up shortly after its release, this was by far their best work to date.

    Light Bearer-Silver Tongue
    This is a band to watch out for. Beautiful atmospheric sprawling landscapes that build into chugging heavy sludgy rhythms. Very well composed.

    Mutoid Man-Helium Head
    This band consists of Stephen Brodsky of Cave In and the aforementioned Ben Koller of Converge, United Nations and All Pigs Must Die just to name a few. The fact that Helium Head is more of an EP than a full length and that it came out real late in the year (I didn't get as much time to spin it) are the reasons it wasn't top ten. It was close though.

    Old Gods-Stylized Violence
    Here's another real close to my top ten. Stylized Violence is awesome chaotic hardcore featuring former Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Jeff Tuttle.

    When I heard Chino from Deftones was teaming up with a member of Isis, I almost shit my pants. I was expecting it to be a lot heavier than it turned out. But given time to grow on me, this was a great debut. I just hope they stick around and follow it up with a couple more albums.

    Pelican-Forever Becoming
    Another solid effort from this staple. Not a far departure from anything they've done before, but solid.

    Portugal. The Man-Evil Friends
    This band is an album making machine. However, this leads to albums that are hit and miss. This one is definitely a hit though.

    Rosetta-The Anaesthete
    I've read so many negative reviews about this one. Most said the same thing, that it was monotonous and lacked passion. I don't know what album they were listening to. First of all, most Rosetta songs are built on a monotonous riff/rhythm that eventually builds and develops into explosions of melody and emotion. This album is no different. I hear passion all over the place. I loved this album.

    Sleeping in Gethsemane-When The Landscape Is Quiet Again
    One more Kurt Ballou project to add to this list. This 3-piece from Fargo, North Dakota play a great blend of heavy technical , that I just dig. I really enjoy their debut from a few years back, but there's something about this album that keeps me coming back... Ballou? It seems like everything he touches turns out just awesome.

    Good, not great*
    *worth mentioning

    Anorak-Go Up In Smoke (Hardcore)

    The Barber- Circus Tricks (Chaotic Hardcore)

    BIIPIIGWAN-Something For Everyone; Nothing For Anyone (Sludge, Crust, Hardcore)

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Specter At The Feast (Indie Rock)

    Blame It On The Ocean-From The Depths (Hardcore)

    Blizzard at Sea-Certain Structures (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Boatrocker-Antagonize (Post-Hardcore, Hardcore)

    Castles-Fiction Or Truth (Math Rock) (Kurt Ballou produced/recorded)

    Children Of God-We Set The Sky On Fire (Hardcore)

    cleenteeth-Pushing Rope (Sludge)

    Cortez-Phœbus (Hardcore)

    Cult of Luna-Vertikal (Post-Metal)

    Deafheaven-Sunbather (Post-Metal, Black Metal)

    The Dismemberment Plan-Uncanney Valley (Indie Rock)

    Dogs for Breakfast-The Sun Left These Places (Hardcore)

    Doomriders-Grand Blood (Hardcore)

    Dorena-Nuet (Instrumental Rock, Post-Rock)

    Echoes Of Eon-Immensity (Instrumental Rock, Post-Rock)

    Enemies-Embark, Embrace (Instrumental Rock, Math Rock)

    Erosion-Kill Us All (Hardcore, Crust)

    Facing The Swarm Throught-Bridges (Chaotic Hardcore)

    Forge of Clouds-Ordinary Death (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Fura-Fura (Instrumental Rock)

    Globe and Beast-Grandfather (Hardcore)

    Great Falls-Accidents Grotesque (Hardcore)

    Grenades-Heaven Is Empty (Hardcore)

    Grey Season-Septem (Progressive, Post-Metal, Hardcore)

    Hedvika-The Evidence Of Absence (Post-Metal)

    KEN mode-Entrench (Metal, Hardcore, Sludge)

    KeralaThrough The Desert (Progressive, Post-Metal)

    Kings of Leon-Mechanical Bull (Rock)

    Kultika-The Strange Innerdweller (Post-Metal)

    Lite-Installation (Instrumental Rock, Math Rock)

    Maidens-Eve Of Absolution (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Mandroid Echostar-Citadels (Post-Hardcore)

    The Night Marchers-Allez Allez (Alternative, Punk)

    Norma Jean-Wrongdoers (Hardcore)

    Pariso-Consanguinity (Chaotic Hardcore)

    Phantom Glue-A War Of Light Comes (Stoner Metal, Sludge)

    Pyres-Year Of Sleep (Progressive, Hardcore, Sludge)

    Redwood Hill-Decender (Sludge)

    Reproacher-Nothing To Save (Chaotic Hardcore)

    Rise After Defeat-Adrift (Hardcore)

    Rising-Abominor (Hardcore, Sludge)

    The Rodeo Idiot Engine-Consequences (Chaotic Hardcore)

    Rogue Wave-Nightingale Floors (Indie Rock)

    Romero-Take The Pain (Stoner Metal, Sludge)

    Sabertooth-Sheol (Hardcore)

    Sceintist-Sceintist (Progressive, Hardcore)

    Seizures-The Sanity Universal (Hardcore)

    Septa-The Lover (Post-Metal)

    Sepultura-The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart (Metal)

    Seven Sisters of Sleep-Opium Morals (Chaotic Hardcore, Crust)

    Slugdge-Born Of Slime (Progressive, Hardcore, Sludge)

    Sofy Major-Idolize (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    A Storm of Light-Nations To Flames (Post-Metal)

    *total letdowns (turds)

    Alice in Chains-The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
    This one I don't quite consider a turd. It actually has a couple pretty good songs. It just seemed rushed like there was no passion in the song-writing. Especially after loving Black Gives Way To Blue

    Atoms for Peace-Amok
    I expected more from an album featuring Thom York and Flea on bass. Just nothing interesting to me in this album. What a waste of talent.

    Really good post-rock band that unfortunately made a really boring album. Their older stuff is really good, just not this one.

    Nothing special here, sounds like I heard it all before. I hope they can pull it together and release another gem like Static Tensions. I haven't liked their last two releases.

    Long Distance Calling-The Flood Inside
    Another example of a band straying from what they're really good at and trying something that just doesn't work, for me at least. This is a great progressive heavy instrumental that tried adding vocals that don't fit. They should go back to instrumental music.

    Pearl Jam-Lightning Bolt
    Not a total turd here either, but very un-inventive and boring. Feels like surrounding one or two good songs around a bunch of lazy song-writing fillers.

    Rival Schools-Found
    I've liked Walter Schreifels from his days with Quicksand in the 90's. I even liked the first Rival Schools album. This one doesn't even sound like the same stuff. I can't get into it, or maybe I'm outgrowing it.

    Well there it is folks. As always, feel free to leave comments suggestions, insults, hate mail, letter bombs, or whatever. Also PLEASE, let me know if you come across anything you think I might dig from this upcoming year. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not gonna have the time to sit around and search for new music like I did with my new job. Much appreciated!
  • Favourite Records 2013

    1 jan 2014, 13:48 av Scott-a_t_g


    David Bowie - The Next Day
    The National - Trouble Will Find Me
    Laura Stevenson - Wheel
    Restorations - LP2
    Frightened Rabbit - Pedestrian Verse
    Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork
    Superchunk - I Hate Music
    Jimmy Eat World - Damage
    Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart
    Goldfrapp - Tales of Us


    Phosphorescent- Muchacho
    Jon Hopkins- Immunity
    Dave Hause - Devour
    Bonobo - North Borders
    Swingin' Utters - Poorly Formed
    John Vanderslice - Dagger Beach
    Kurt Vile - Wakin on a Pretty Daze
    James Blake - Overgrown
    Dodos - Carrier
    Telekinesis - Dormarion

    Honourable Mentions

    Bad Religion - True North
    Karnivool - Asymmetry
    Less Than Jake - See The Light
    Sundowner - Middle Fiction
    Bodyjar - Role Model
    The Swellers - Light Under Closed Doors
    Portugal.The Man - Evil Friends
    Hospital Ships - Destruction in Yr Soul
    City and Colour - Hurry and the Harm
    The Appleseed Cast - Illumination Ritual
    Volcano Choir - Repave
    The Boxer Rebellion - Promises
  • Top Albums 2013

    30 dec 2013, 21:17 av Nevermind-87

    Top Albums 2013

    Alkaline Trio - My Shame Is True
    A Wilhelm Scream - Partycrasher
    RVIVR - The Beauty Between
    STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO - The Hands That Thieve
    The Flatliners - Dead Language
    Bad Religion - True North
    Less Than Jake – See the Light
    AUTHORITY ZERO - The Tipping Point
    Iron Chic - The Constant One
    HEARTSOUNDS - Internal Eyes
    Old Man Markley - Down Side Up

    EP, VA ect

    Masked Intruder - Under The Mistletoe EP
    Against Me! – True Trans EP
    Alkaline Trio - Broken Wing EP
    Various Artists - The Songs of Tony Sly - A Tribute

    Ожидаемые альбомы в 2014

    Against Me!
    The Lawrence Arms
    Strung Out
  • Did we even introduce ourselves?? "Melodic In Fusion" - melodic punk from germany :-)

    1 aug 2013, 20:14 av melodicinfusion

    Melodic in Fusion is a 3-piece band from the southwest of germany writing and playing -music for more than 10 years.

    All songs are under cc-License which means that:
    • you all are free to download it
    • annoy your neighbours with it
    • share it
    • use it as music in your videos (like Cozinha de Jack did on his brazilian punk-cooking-channel on Youtube in his Bacon Blade Chicken video, go and check it!)
    • or whatever you want to do with it ;-)
    As long as you mention our band "Melodic In Fusion"

    On you can find all of our newest songs:
    2012 "Melodic In Fusion" Home recordings

    and our 2004 album Start Somewhere

    And this is Melodic in Fusion

    Band members are:
    Jan who is:
    • looking stupid…
    • playing the vocals (we know that’s not proper english but who cares ;-)
    • playing the guitar as if he never learned it

    Maus who is:
    • looking hilarious…
    • playing the bass (that guitar-like-thing with two strings missing)

    Dobo who is:
    • looking incredible…
    • playing the drums like a drum-computer with a virus
    • singing the backing vocals (believe it or not he doesn’t even need a mic in the rehearsals as his voice is f***ing noisy)

    All recent songs where recorded by “Melodic In Fusion” using Cubase LE 5, EZdrummer and Podfarm, hope you like em :-)
    All of our songs are somewhere in the range. Mainly being influenced by being a sucker for good melodies and fast guitars… way back in the 90’s some people called it “Melodycore” :-) check it out on wikipedia… there really IS an article about that.

    If you want to know anything more, get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter :-)

    And last but not least here’s our latest work, a video for our song “Time Goes By” hope you like it:

    Cheers from germany :-)
    Melodic in Fusion

    Here's just a small list of bands we highly appreciate that keep inspiring us again and again after all these years:
    , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .... and many many more...

  • Free EP - Goodbye Blue Monday

    5 maj 2013, 21:07 av rocco_bankrupt

    Bankrupt have released a new 5-song EP, Goodbye Blue Monday which is available for free download at 320K here on Especially recommended to all Ramones fans!
    You can also get it from the band's website complete with the single covers:
  • 2012: A Review of a Great Year in Music

    15 jan 2013, 00:24 av irishtim

    Another year has came and gone. Is it just me or did it seem to just fly by? Either way, 2012 left us with quite an impressive list of music. And while there were some disappointments, it was for the most part, a year chalked full of gems. Here's what I thought 2012 delivered to us:

    My 10 Favorite*
    *(in alphabetical order)

    ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead-Lost Songs
    Trail of Dead is back again with their eighth studio album. You might think that after 15 plus years and 8 releases, a band would have time keeping things fresh without sounding stale and just releasing an album of fillers, but not these guys. While Lost Songs departs from their orchestrated, concept-like style of 2011's Tao Of The Dead, it continues to take their sound back to their earlier alternative, punk sound that I love.

    Between the Buried and Me-The Paralax II:Future Sequence
    Although this album in my opinion doesn't come close to The Great Misdirect (my favorite), Colors, or Alaska, there is no denying that The Paralax II fucking slays. BTBAM continue to provide us with technically structured, progressive metal layered with melodic elements. These guys can't seem to do no wrong in my book.

    Converge-All We Love We Leave Behind
    Well this should come as no surprise. I'm sure we'll be seeing this one on everyone's top ten lists, for good reason though. Converge just seem to be getting better with every album. I love damn near most of their albums, especially their later work, but I think this one may be my favorite. I can't stop listening to it. I've also said it before and I'll say it again, Ben Koller is quickly becoming one of my favorite drummers and he proves it on this one.

    Exotic Animal Petting Zoo-Tree Of Tongues
    I was anticipating the release of this one for a while. They first caught my attention back in 2008 with the release of their debut, I Have Made My Bed In Darkness. I was immediately drawn to their blend of technical hardcore structures reminiscent of the pop-pier side of The Dillinger Escape Plan mixed with melodic parts and great vocals in the vein of Deftones or Poison the Well, all while retaining a sound completely their own. Tree Of Tongues takes their progression even further and delivers an overall more cohesive album then their debut. Highly recommended for anyone into the mentioned bands or heavier experimental music with great vocals.

    General Lee-Raiders Of The Evil Eye
    I almost didn't pick up this record, or even listen to it for that matter. I have a couple of their older releases and was not impressed with their work. But after being highly recommended by a couple of my fellow friends with awesome musical taste, I though I'd give a go. Boy am I glad I did. This album surpasses their any of their previous work by far. Raiders Of The Evil Eye is a great mix of , with hints of influences. This album changed my mind so much about this band that I need to go back to their earlier work and re-listen to see if I just wasn't getting it before. Overall, it's a great release worthy of top ten.

    Gifts from Enola-A Healthy Fear
    My favorite post-rockers Gifts From Enola are back and again have found their way into my top ten list. This album is different beast though now with the addition of vocals to the mix. I was a little apprehensive at first, but upon further listening, I find that the vocals are a perfect fit to their already amazing sound. Not that don't think their earlier work needs any improvement, but I now wonder what it might've sounded like with vocals. Either way, I look forward to hearing more. Easily the best album of 2012.

    Hypno5e-Acid Mist Tomorrow
    I had no clue who these guys were, let alone would've picked up this album if I had not been completely blown away by their live show. They were the opening band for an Exotic Animal Petting Zoo and Arsonists Get All The Girls show that I attended earlier this last summer. This 3 piece band from France has two 7 string guitarists (no bassist) and a drummer who also runs samples and loops through a MacBook placed beside his kit. Their music is extremely technical and progressive yet methodical and organized. I will attest to the fact that they can pull off everything you hear on this album live as well. One of the tightest bands I have ever seen.

    If the idea of members of Botch and These Arms Are Snakes together in the same band sounds awesome and promising, well you're right. Narrows is exactly that, awesome and promising. Their 2009 album, New Distances showed us a glimpse of what this band is capable of. Jump forward to this year's Painted, Narrows takes their sound and dials up the same intensity in a more fluid package that will keep you banging your head from the opening track until the last. My only qualm is that it could've been a little longer in length. I often find myself listening to it twice in a row just to satisfy my craving. Nevertheless, Painted is great and highly recommended to any fan of the hardcore genre.

    Pigs-You Ruin Everything
    Here's the curveball of this list. I saw this one all over the music blogs and decided to give it a spin. Normally I'm not too into the whole genre but this one is different. Pigs are a 3 piece band from New York consisting of Dave Curran, the bassist from Unsane (who I've been listening to a lot of lately). You Ruin Everything combines the mentioned "noise rock" with hints of , , , & with great raspy vocals built into catchy song structures. I'm glad that I discovered these guys and gave this gem a listen. I hope to hear more from them in the future.

    Here's another one that is probably no surprise to most of you who know me and my love for this band. From what I've read in most reviews of this album, people are disappointed with the departure of their , -ish sound of their earlier work to the present poppy and catchy sound of Harmonicraft. For me, that's what I love about them and this album in particular. Torche has a knack for writing heavy songs that are catchy as hell. Every one I've showed this album to can appreciate it, whether they're a metalhead, rocker, pop fan or whatever, it's approachable by all music lovers. It's probably my favorite release of 2012.

    Other Greats*
    *(Not quite top ten)

    The Chariot-One Wing
    These guys are kinda hit and miss with me. This one's definitely a hit.

    Deftones-Koi No Yokan
    Another great release from these guys. A lot better than Diamond Eyes in my opinion. Still a few too many filler tracks to crack the top ten though.

    Enabler-All Hail The Void
    This was one of my favorite hardcore albums this year. Fast, heavy, and pissed off. If you dug the new Converge, you'll for sure dig this one.

    Gaza-No Absolutes In Human Suffering
    Another great hardcore album. I was heavily anticipating the release of this and was not disappointed with it.

    Ironhorse-Dragged Down A Dead End Path
    I didn't realize how many good hardcore albums were released this year. Here's another one featuring the badass drummer Gordon Koch from Black Sleep of Kali. Hints of , , and . When I got this album they were called Ironhorse, I guess they changed their name to Call of the Void now.

    Mark Lanegan-Funeral Blues
    I love this guy's raspy Tom Waits-like voice and delivery. This is his best work since 2004's Bubblegum.

    The Mars Volta-Noctourniquet
    I kind of lost it for this band for a while. It seems like lately they were more focused on experimentation and needless, multi-tracked guitar noodling. Noctourniquet has a lot cleaner and more structured song-writing. I am not a huge fan of their new drummer, Deantoni Parks though. Even though he's a good drummer, I think his approach is a little stale. This band's music calls for the spastic style that Jon Theodore and Thomas Pridgen brought to the table.

    Murder By Death-Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon
    Not their best album, however, another solid release from one of my favorite indie bands.

    Obsidian Kingdom-Mantiis
    Don't let the , or tags on scare you away from this great album. Other than maybe a hint in the vocals, I don't think those tags apply at all. This is an awesome release. Check it out for yourself free @

    Omotai-Terrestrial Grief
    This one came out of nowhere. Completely random find crusing around on Bandcamp one day. Well-written , heavy with and influences. Another freebie @ You might throw them a few bucks though, it's totally worth it.

    Boston's Pile have taking the angst out of the genre and inserting into their blend of , and music for a while now. If you're a fan of 90's era rock with a little vocal aggression, you need to check out Pile. Their 2010 release, Magic Isn't Real is available free @

    Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster-Exegesis
    This was in my top ten at one point. Think Tool, meets Isis, Pelican, and Rosetta at a party, has an orgy, gets pregnant, and this is the baby. The overall length, clocking in at over an hour, was eventually what knocked it out of the exclusive top ten. Some songs get a little repetitive because of the length. Nevertheless, this is a great listen for any fan of the mentioned bands.

    Good, not great*
    *worth mentioning

    Abraham-The Serpent, The Prophet, & The Whore (Sludge, Post-Metal)

    Appollonia-Crimson Skies (Post-Metal)

    Arms of Ra-Unnamed (Sludge)

    Ash of Nubia-Medemia Argun (Post-Rock, Instrumental Rock)

    Aside from a Day-Chasing Shadows (Post-Metal, Alt. Metal)

    Astralia-Astralia (Post-Rock)

    Baroness-Yellow & Green (Sludge, Alt. Metal)

    Bats-The Sleep Of Reason (Post-Hardcore)

    Black Breath-Sentenced To Life (Hardcore)

    Black Sheep Wall-No Matter Where It Ends (Sludge, Hardcore)

    The Blue Letter-Love Is Not Control (Post-Hardcore)

    Bone Dance-Bone Dance (Hardcore)

    Caspian-Waking Season (Post-Rock, Instrumental)

    City of Wolves-City Of Wolves (Post-Metal, Post-Rock)

    Coilguns-Stadia Rods (Hardcore)

    Divers On The Moon-Aligned Lights (Post-Rock, Instrumental)

    Dysrhythmia-Test Of Submission (Instrumental Metal, Progressive)

    Earthburner-Stoned At Birth (Hardcore)

    Earthrise-Eras Lost (Sludge, Post-Metal)

    El Ten Eleven-Transitions (Post-Rock, Instrumental)

    The End of Six Thousand Years-Perpetuum (Hardcore, Sludge)

    Fang Island-Major (Noise Rock, Experimental)

    Follow the White Rabbit-Endorphia (Hardcore, Experimental)

    Ghosts Of Glaciers-Ghost Of Glaciers (Post-Metal, Instrumental)

    Hannibal Montana-Martial Arts In The Time Of Firearms (Instrumental Rock, Experimental)

    High on Fire-De Vermis Mysteriis (Stoner, Metal)

    If These Trees Could Talk-Red Forest (Post-Rock, Instrumental)

    Kylesa-From The Vaults: Vol 1 (Sludge, Alt. Metal)

    La Mar-La Mar (Post-Rock, Instrumental)

    Ladder Devils-Nowhere Plans (Post-Hardcore, Noise Rock)

    Latitudes-Individuation (Sludge, Post-Metal)

    Minus the Bear-Infinity Overhead (Indie Rock)

    Muse-2nd Law (Rock)

    Mutiny on the Bounty-Trials (Post-Hardcore)

    The Ocean Doesn't Want Me-As The Dust Settles (Post-Metal, Experimental)

    Pariso-Nothing Beyond Everything After (Hardcore)

    The Samuel Jackson Five-The Samuel Jackson Five (Post-Rock)

    The Shins-Port Of Morrow (Indie Rock)

    Silversun Pickups-Neck Of The Woods (Indie Rock)

    Soundgarden-King Animal (Rock, Grunge)

    Tharsis They-Ominous Silence (Hardcore)

    The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza-Danda IIII:The Alpha, The Omega (Hardcore, Progressive, Experimental)

    Toundra-III (Post-Rock, Instrumental)

    Town Portal-Chronopoly (Post-Rock, Instrumental)

    Whales and Aurora-Blame & Aging (Sludge, Post-Metal)

    What the Blood Revealed-Harbour Of Devils (Post-Rock, Instrumental)

    X SUNS-X Suns (Post Rock, Instrumental)

    Xozo-Farsight (Hardcore)

    Young and in the Way- Amen (Hardcore)

    Zebras-Zebras (Post-Hardcore, Noise Rock, Experimental

    *total letdowns (turds)

    Band of Horses-Mirage Rock (Indie)
    I really dig everything this band released up to this point. This album however is boring, un-inventive, and fell flat to their previous work.

    Circle Takes the Square-Decomositions: Vol. 1 (Hardcore)
    This band waited eight long years to release another full-length and this is what they gave us? The only decent songs were already released on their 4 song EP last year. Total letdown.

    Every Time I Die-Ex Lives (Hardcore)
    Another band that's hit and miss with me. 2010's New Junk Aesthetic was really good, but I didn't like this one. At least they're consistent with hittin' & missin'.

    Khoma-All Erodes (Post-Metal, Sludge [influenced])
    I don't think this band can ever come close to the brilliance of their 2006 The Second Wave album. This one is boring.

    Maps & Atlases-Beware And Be Careful (Indie Rock)
    Here's another band I wonder to myself, "What the hell happened to these guys?" Every album brings them further away from the awesome, spastic, math-rock sound they had on their first couple of releases.

    Maserati-Maserati VII (Post-Rock)
    This band has not been the same caliber of band they were before the death of their drummer Jerry Fuchs. It's sad too, they were one of my favorite post-rock bands for a while.

    Pulled Apart By Horses-Tough Love (Post-Hardcore)
    It must be the sophomore slump. Their first, self-tilted album nearly cracked my top ten list for 2010, this one just isn't that memorable.

    Well that concludes my list of albums for 2012. Overall, it was an awesome year. There were lots of great new albums, new discoveries and comebacks. As always, your shouts, comments, arguments, and hate mail is welcome. Hope you find something you like. And feel free to recommend something I may have missed out on. Here's to a great 2013.