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Skapad den: 20 mar 2008

We are not an elitist group, we don't want to tell people what they have to listen to. Any normal person is convinced to have the best musical profile, and so we do. This is not a pointless group. Some people assert that unless a group aims at people with similar, fairly narrow tastes, the more members it has the more its charts look like those of other groups. We want to refute this pseudo-theoreme, because we don't think that some bands as Radiohead or Coldplay are the best bands ever, and we consider they are overrated. We prefer to listen to classics and universal bands than fashionable and sometimes commercial artists. We are a very ecclectic group with very varied tastes and charts. As open-minded users, we want to discover new bands, to tell about our personnal musical taste and to be recommended other kind of music by others. We also enjoy forum games which can be a means to discover new bands.

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