• My Favourite things - 2014 edition

    30 dec 2014, 22:35 av guy_like_u

    So here we go again with my review of the past 12 months.

    In summation, my biggest disappointment was Mariah's latest album. It wasn't terrible by any means, just not up to her standards.

    Most pleasant surprise was the return of Lily Allen with IMO her best album yet.

    Michael Jackson's record label surprised everyone by putting an album out that was actually very smart, very listenable and relevant. GRL put out the girl band single of the past few years. And Paloma Faith had my favourite song of the 2014. Well done.

    Beyond that, I pretty much just listened to Beyoncé for the whole year. So there you go.


    1 Mariah Carey (1,151)
    (831 plays in 2013 - increase of 38%)
    Most played track: You're Mine (Eternal), 54 plays

    2 Beyoncé(1,060)
    (260 plays in 2013 - increase of 408%)
    Most played track: Drunk in Love (feat. JAY Z) 63 plays

    3 Lady Gaga (683)
    (637 plays in 2013 - increase of 7%)
    Most played track: ARTPOP 63 plays

    4 Michael Jackson (533)
    (287 plays in 2013 - increase of 85%)
    Most played track: A Place with No Name, 30 plays

    5 Lily Allen (495)
    (99 plays in 2013 - increase of 499%)
    Most played track: Our Time, 39 plays

    6 Brandy (403)
    (379 plays in 2013 - increase of 6%)
    Most played track: Magic, 20 plays

    7 Kelly Clarkson (389)
    (424 plays in 2013 - decrease of 8%)
    Most played track: Underneath the Tree, 23 plays

    8 The Black Keys (387)
    (10 plays in 2013 - increase of 3,870%)
    Most played track: Gold on the Ceiling, 30 plays

    9 Garbage (323)
    (257 plays in 2013 - increase of 26%)
    Most played track: Big Bright World, 12 plays

    10 Janet Jackson (314)
    (369 plays in 2013 - decrease of 15%)
    Most played track: So Excited, 6 plays

    11 Paloma Faith (310)
    (291 plays in 2013 - increase of 7%)
    Most played track: Only Love Can Hurt Like This, 65 plays

    12 Madonna (303)
    (359 plays in 2013 - decrease of 16%)
    Most played track: Hung Up, 18 plays

    13 Britney Spears (274)
    (329 plays in 2013 - decrease of 17%)
    Most played track: Work Bitch, 46 plays

    14 Katy Perry (263)
    (137 plays in 2013 - increase of 90%)
    Most played track: Ghost, 23 plays

    15 Cher (253)
    (389 plays in 2013 - decrease of 34%)
    Most played track: Dressed to Kill, 34 plays

    16 Christophe Beck (226)
    (11 plays in 2013 - increase of 2055%)
    Most played track: Heimr Àrnadalr, 15 plays

    17 Björk (192)
    (178 plays in 2013 - increase of 8%)
    Most played track: 5 Years, 7 plays

    18 Pink (181)
    (526 plays in 2013 - decrease of 65%)
    Most played track: Just Give Me A Reason (Feat. Nate Ruess), 10 plays

    =19 Justin Timberlake (178)
    (281 plays in 2013 - decrease of 37%)
    Most played track: TKO, 11 plays

    =19 Marilyn Manson (178)
    (207 plays in 2013 - decrease of 15%)

    21 Glee Cast (172)
    (179 plays in 2013 - decrease of 4%)
    Most played track: Make You Feel My Love, 4 plays

    22 Nicki Minaj (169)
    (192 plays in 2013 - decrease of 12%)
    Most played track: Pound the Alarm, 12 plays

    23 Pharrell Williams (168)
    (No plays in 2013)
    Most played track: Happy, 27 plays

    24 Anastacia (155)
    (133 plays in 2013 - increase of 17%)

    25 She & Him (153)
    (No plays in 2013)


    1 Beyoncé – Beyoncé(805)
    2 Various Artists – Frozen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (528)
    3 Lady Gaga – ARTPOP (478)
    4 Mariah Carey – Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse (470)
    5 Lily Allen – Sheezus (403)
    6 Michael Jackson – XSCAPE (298)
    7 The Black Keys – El Camino (272)
    8 Katy Perry – PRISM (206)
    9 Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped in Red (165)
    10= Pharrell Williams – G I R L (162)
    10= Paloma Faith – A Perfect Contradiction (162)

    12 She & Him – A Very She & Him Christmas (152)
    13 Cher – Closer to the Truth (150)
    14 Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience - The Complete Experience (142)
    15 Britney Spears – Britney Jean (130)
    16 Garbage – Not Your Kind of People (122)
    17 Alexandre Desplat – The Twilight Saga: New Moon (The Score) (119)
    18 The Perks Of Being a wallflower – The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (114)
    19 Imagine Dragons – Night Visions (113)
    20= Madonna – Confessions on a Dance Floor (111)
    20= The Black Keys – Turn Blue (111)


    1 Paloma Faith – Only Love Can Hurt Like This (67)
    2 Beyoncé – Drunk in Love (feat. JAY Z) (66)
    3= Beyoncé – Pretty Hurts (63)
    3= Beyoncé – Partition (63)
    5 Lady Gaga – ARTPOP (61)
    6= Beyoncé – Haunted (60)
    6= Beyoncé – Blow (60)
    8= Beyoncé – ***Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) (58)
    8= G.R.L. – Ugly Heart (58)
    10 Lady Gaga – Venus (57)

    11= Mariah Carey – You're Mine (Eternal) (55)
    11= Beyoncé – No Angel (55)
    11= Beyoncé – XO (55)
    11= Beyoncé – Jealous (55)
    15 Lady Gaga – Sexxx Dreams (54)
    16 Bret McKenzie – I'll Get You What You Want (Cockatoo in Malibu) (Demo) (52)
    17 Beyoncé – Mine (feat. Drake) (51)
    18 Beyoncé – Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean) (50)
    19= Beyoncé – Rocket (49)
    19= Clean Bandit – Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne) (49)

    21 Britney Spears – Work Bitch (47)
    22 Beyoncé – Heaven (46)
    23 Idina Menzel – Let It Go (44)
    24= Beyoncé – Blue (feat. Blue Ivy) (42)
    24= Mariah Carey – Thirsty (42)
    26 Lily Allen – Our Time (40)
    27 Kristen Bell, Agatha Lee Monn & Katie Lopez – Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (38)
    28= Usher – She Came to Give It to You (feat. Nicki Minaj) (37)
    28= Lily Allen – Air Balloon (37)
    30= Kristen Bell & Idina Menzel – For the First Time in Forever (36)
    30= Kristen Bell & Santino Fontana – Love Is an Open Door (36)
  • Girl Talk

    22 nov 2013, 16:36 av mymachine

    How the hell have I only just listened to Girl Talk, listening to Night Ripper and am in complete awe!!!

    Just needed to share.
  • Once Were by Red Traces, Out Now

    3 maj 2013, 05:49 av Red_Traces

    Artist: Red Traces
    Release: Once Were
    Label: The Revera Corporation

    Download/listen for free on BandCamp or Last.fm!

    Brutally contagious from the opening whirr of synth, ‘Once Were’ is the first puzzle piece from the forthcoming Red Traces album and as Ovadia reveals, “an extension of my most honest self”. Amongst his inspirations from the get-go, the debut single is Ovadia’s sacrificial response to his compulsive playback of Blonde Redhead’s ‘Spring By Summer Fall’ – and boy, it’s a striking start.

    Drawing from the frenzied energy of ‘Spring and by Summer Fall’, Ovadia answers with oh-so sinister organ synth and improvisational drum beats that were “recorded in a single take”. Dizzy bass-lines and desolate vocals unite the ambiguous setting of ‘Once Were’ and embark the listener through a path of unrequited moments in star-crossed lyrics “once were / binary stars / once were”.

    The fine-tuned ‘Once Were’ sets the pace for Ovadia’s record, exposing his sincere appreciation for each stage of development. Each track is isolated and treated individually, by a collaboration of engineers (Bo Boddie, Brian Lucey), all ensuring devotion to every piece of the record. From the lingering sequences to the layered fade-outs, ‘Once Were’ offers an exciting glimpse into Red Traces’ infectious and mature beginning.

    -Gemma Dempster

    Additional links:
  • What?! Sounds - Music Monday 22/04

    22 apr 2013, 17:37 av mymachine

    I haven't actually written a journal on here for an extremely long time, yet have found myself more addicted to last.fm than ever before.

    During the time since my last blog post, I have been an online editor for What?! Magazine (please check it out) and basically I've just started up a new weekly music round up of the new releases. Ok NOT EVERY new release is going to be on there, just ones I'd be interested in reviewing for the site.

    Anyway, please find my latest round up below.

    The Knife Shaking the Habitual

    If Silent Shout was the darker follow on from Deep Cuts , then ‘Shaking The Habitual’ is the even darker and progressive follow up to ‘Silent Shout’. The rule book is firmly out of the window on ‘Habitual’, with many of the tracks having an intriguing and experimental lack of structure, yet still maintaining The Knife’s electronic, pulsating beats (Full of Fire, Without You My Life Would be Boring, Networking). Without a doubt, ‘Shaking The Habitual’ is the least accessible of the duo’s work, yet also their most visceral, personal and organic, creating an 100 minute masterpiece. Even when the album hits the more solemn moments (Old Dreams Waiting to be Realised) it still manages to hold and intrigue the listener. It’s a welcome return for the group, with a fourth studio album that is an experimental, interesting and fascinating tour de force.

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs Mosquito

    Following from the clean and medical It's Blitz, Karen O and co have released ‘Mosquito’, an album that recaptures some of the energy and spark that made the bands debut ‘Fever to Tell’ so memorable. Forgetting the precision of it’s predecessor, ‘Mosquito’ returns to the garage rock sound the band originally had. It’s the perfect amalgamation of the band’s debut and sophomore record ‘Show Your Bones’, almost forgetting the last album happened. Fiesty rock comes in the form of album lead, ‘Sacrilege’, ‘Area 52′ and the title track. Calmer moments come in the slow train sampling track ‘Subway’ and slow burner ‘Always’. It’s a very welcome and overdue return for the band’s original sound, yet you can’t help but feel that they have lost some of their spark along the way.

    Major Lazer Free The Universe

    Helmed by producer Diplo, Major Lazer release their sophomore studio set ‘Free the Universe’. Staying true to their unique blend of reggae, urban and electronica, the album boasts an impressive set of carefree dance numbers, perfect for the summer ahead. Straight up dance comes from ‘Scare Me (featuring Peaches & Timberlee), Sweat (featuring Laidback Luke & Miss Dynamite), where reggae infused tracks come in the shape of lead single Get Free (featuring Amber of Dirty Projectors) and Playground (featuring Bugle & Arama). The album has an impressive roster of artists featuring, including those aforementioned along with Bruno MarsSantigold Shaggy Wynter Gordon Tyga Wyclef Jean and Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend. Ultimately this a fun yet disposable dance record. Perfect for the summer coming up.

    Charli XCX True Romance

    ‘True Romance’ is the debut set from Charli XCX. The album dissects the ideas of relationships and love through harsh electronica beats and attitude ridden ,yet all the while feisty, vocals. The album itself is not instantly memorable, yet several listens later and these tracks will find themselves stuck in your head. The set is an introspective story, with it’s harsh hip hop infused electronic beats complimenting XCX’s purring vocals. It’s a definite strong body of attitude driven electro pop and hopefully the beginning of a strong career for Charli XCX.

    Daft Punk Get Lucky

    This could simply be the most hyped return to music we have seen this year (until we get more information from Beyonce’s next record). It’s typical Daft Punk, dance worthy, fun, with a bit of disco thrown in, along with the smooth vocals of Pharrell. It’s the perfect care free fun track making us long for summer. The song is made through the vocals of Pharrell Williams, no other singer could have done this song justice aside from him. You have to hear it to understand the simple genius. Infectious and difficult to not have on repeat. Welcome back Daft Punk, we’ve missed you.

  • 2012 Reveiw

    22 dec 2012, 15:59 av guy_like_u

    It's nearly Christmastime, and that can only mean one thing - time for a review of 2012! Here is a look back at the albums, artists and songs I enjoyed over the past 12 months. Once again thanks to http://twothreefall.co.uk/ for having a great website to analyse lastFM data!

    Artist of the year: Kelly Clarkson
    Plays in 2012: 971
    (813 plays in 2011 - increase of 15%)
    Most played album of 2012: Stronger - 671
    Most played track of 2012: What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) 62

    Unquestionably my artist of 2012 is Ms Clarkson (soon to be Mrs Blackstock - congrats Kelly!). I had more over 200 more scrobbles for Kelly than anyone else, even though her last album, Stronger, came out in 2011. This was also my most played of the year, with double the plays of the #2 album. The title track Stronger is my most played track of the year too. All in all, I loved Kelly just as much in 2012 as I ever have, in particular after seeing her on tour again in November where she was as incredible as ever. I'm expecting a quiet 2013 from Kelly, with a wedding (and maybe even babies ?) on the way, but after a great year professionally and personally, she has definitely earned it.

    Album of the Year: Pink - The Truth About Love 404 plays
    Runner-up: Garbage - Not Your Kind of People - 358 plays

    The album that I was most looking forward to this year was without question Not Your Kind of People by Garbage, as it was such a long gap since the their previous album and no-one even knew if they would ever record again. I wasn't disappointed. Their firth set is classic Garbage, with tracks like Control and Beloved Freak that would feel right at home alongside their 90's output. I also had the immense pleasure of finally getting to see them live in July, where they just tore up the stage. However, this isn't my album of the year - there are just few too many tracks that are only average, and overall is just missing one or two giant songs to get me really hooked.

    Which leads me to me most played album of the year - The Truth About Love. I didn't really know what to expect from Pink's (or P!nk 6th album, after a album I found disappointing (Funhouse). Frankly I was looking forward more to the tour than the album when each was announced. Maybe it's because I didn't set particularly high standards then, that I love this album so much. Aside from a couple of stinking boring ballads (that I've already removed from my Pink playlist), the album is everything you'd want from a singer as ballsy and earnest as Pink. Personal highlights are Just Give Me A Reason, How Come You're Not Here and Walk Of Shame (which HAS to have a music video soon!!). Overall an incredibly catchy album, which should hopefully deliver a fantastic tour in 2013

    Track of the Year: Somebody That I Used to Know 62 plays
    Runner-up: Pound the Alarm - 51 plays

    Just like everybody else, I was absolutely hooked on that Gotye song. Something about the song is absolutely captivating. From the first listen I was addicted, and the plink-plonky background just endlessly loops round in my head!
    My party track of the year is Pound The Alarm - guaranteed to get me on the dancefloor or ready for a night out! When I saw Nicki in November this was my highlight of the show, and the crowd went mental for this song.

    And now for a complete rundown of 2012!


    1 Kelly Clarkson - 971 plays
    (813 plays in 2011 - increase of 19%)

    2 Garbage - 769 plays
    (376 plays in 2011 - increase of 105%)
    Most scrobbled track: Blood for Poppies - 26 plays

    3 Mariah Carey - 693 plays
    (874 plays in 2011 - drop of 21%)
    Most scrobbled track: All I Want for Christmas Is You - 20 plays

    4 Whitney Houston - 680 plays
    (92 plays in 2011 - increase of 639%)
    Most scrobbled track: I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) - 30 plays

    On February 11th this year we long one of the greatest singers of all time. Not much I can say here, but Whitney's death greatly affected me and spent a good deal of time listening to just Whitney and little else.

    5 Brandy - 613 plays
    (739 plays in 2011 - drop of 17%)
    Most scrobbled track: It All Belongs To Me - 43 plays

    2012 brought a new Brandy album, Two Eleven. Brandy's style of RnB is sounding better than ever, particularity as so few artists are prepared to actually record proper RnB music, with the genre now so diluted with pop artists. Thanks heavens for Brandy then - Two Eleven is like a classic RnB album from the late 90's full of lush harmonies and breathtaking vocals. I would probably rank it slightly below her previous 4 albums, but otherwise this is another win for Brandy.

    6 Pink - 594 plays
    (201 plays in 2011 - increase of 196%)
    Most scrobbled track: Blow Me (One Last Kiss) - 38 plays

    7 Lady Gaga - 406 plays
    (854 plays in 2011 - drop of 53%)
    Most scrobbled track: Hair - 31 plays

    8 Madonna - 393 plays
    (262 plays in 2011 - increase of 50%)
    Most scrobbled track: Gang Bang - 31 plays

    MDNA was Madonna's follow up to 2008's Hard Candy - which I still think is a fantastic album. MDNA had a truly terrible lead in single, Madonna's worst ever in my opinion. Fortunately, the album had a handful of absolute bangers - there is definitively still a place in the today's industry for the queen of pop

    9 Michael Jackson - 391 plays
    (675 plays in 2011 - drop of 42%)
    Most scrobbled track: History (Tony Moran's HIStory Lesson) - 13 plays

    10 Nicki Minaj - 390 plays
    (315 plays in 2011 - increase of 24%)
    Most scrobbled track: Pound the Alarm - 51 plays

    11 Haley Reinhart - 309 plays
    (220 plays in 2011 - increase of 40%)
    Most scrobbled track: Free - 50 plays

    Haley brought her album - Listen Up! - out earlier this year, and it was just as good as I was hoping for. Bluesy, retro with her trademark growl - flawless vocals and great melodies. Unfortunately it seems like Haley has been dropped now so who knows if us Haliens will get a follow up to this very promising first album?

    12 Janet Jackson - 295 plays
    (733 plays in 2011 - drop of 60%)

    13 Marilyn Manson - 285 plays
    (189 plays in 2011 - increase of 51%)
    Most scrobbled track: Pistol Whipped - 10 plays

    I don't know if my tastes are changing or Manson just aren't trying any more, but I just couldn't get into Born Villain. I think it's the latter as most people didn't even realise they had a new album out at all.

    14 The Jezabels - 264 plays
    Most scrobbled track: City Girl - 35 plays

    Mty favourite new band, I first saw The Jezabels supporting Garbage on their tour, where they played an electrifying set. I immediately bought their album and have been playing it ever since. It's a bit 80's, but all the better for it. Hopefully they'll continue to record and I will go to see them on their own headline tour soon. Thank you Shirley Manson for introducing me to this band!!

    15 Ben Barnes & Robert Sheehan with Joe Echo - 255 plays
    Most scrobbled track: Where We Want to Be - 36 plays

    16 Phillip Phillips - 252 plays
    Most scrobbled track: Home (American Idol Performance) - 39 plays

    Phillip won season 11 of American Idol in May, and most of my scrobbles are from the songs he did during that season. I absolutely love Phillip's voice, and in my opinion is the best winner of Idol since Kelly Clarkson. I genuinely believe he will have a huge career over the next decade and more. I've only just got his album, so in 2013 I expect to be playing a lot more from Phillip and hopefully he will be able to cross over into the UK market, where he would be very successful I'm certain

    17 Carter Burwell - 241 plays
    (93 plays in 2011 - increase of 158%)
    Most scrobbled track: Love Death Birth - 14 plays

    18 Björk - 239 plays
    (583 plays in 2011 - drop of 59%)

    19 Britney Spears - 218 plays
    1040 plays in 2011 - drop of 79%
    Most scrobbled track: Till the World Ends - 13 plays

    20 Glee Cast - 211 plays
    618 plays in 2011 - drop of 66%
    Most scrobbled track: Rumour Has It / Someone Like You - 34 plays


    1 Kelly Clarkson – What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) (62)
    1 Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know (62)
    3 Kelly Clarkson – Hello (53)
    3 Kelly Clarkson – You Love Me (53)
    5 Kelly Clarkson – Einstein (51)
    5 Nicki Minaj – Pound the Alarm (51)
    7 Kelly Clarkson – I Forgive You (50)
    7 Kelly Clarkson – Dark Side (50)
    7 Haley Reinhart – Free(50)
    10 Kelly Clarkson – The War Is Over (47)
    11 Kelly Clarkson – Honestly (43)
    11 Brandy & Monica – It All Belongs To Me (43)
    13 Kelly Clarkson – Mr. Know It All (42)
    14 Nicki Minaj – Whip It (41)
    15 Phillip Phillips – Home (American Idol Performance) (39)
    16 Kelly Clarkson – Let Me Down (38)
    16 Pink – Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (38)
    18 Kelly Clarkson – You Can't Win (37)
    18 LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It (37)
    20 Kelly Clarkson – Standing in Front of You (36)
    20 Ben Barnes & Robert Sheehan with Joe Echo – Where We Want to Be (36)
    20 David Guetta – Turn Me On (feat. Nicki Minaj) (36)
    23 Nicki Minaj – Automatic (35)
    23 The Jezabels – City Girl (35)
    23 Glee Cast – Rumour Has It / Someone Like You (35)
    26 Ben Barnes & Robert Sheehan with Joe Echo – Kicking Off Again (34)
    26 Nicki Minaj – Starships (34)
    26 Pink – Slut Like You (34)
    29 Bee Gees – Stayin' Alive (33)
    29 The Jezabels – Rosebud (33)
    29 Pink – How Come You're Not Here (33)


    1 Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (671)
    2 Pink – The Truth About Love (404)
    3 Garbage – Not Your Kind of People (358)
    4 Whitney Houston – The Greatest Hits (344)
    5 Lady Gaga – Born This Way (302)
    6 Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (288)
    7 Brandy – Two Eleven (273)
    8 The Jezabels – Prisoner (264)
    9 Ben Barnes & Robert Sheehan with Joe Echo – Killing Bono (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (255)
    10 Phillip Phillips – American Idol Season 11 (242)
    11 Haley Reinhart – Listen Up! (225)
    12 Carter Burwell – Twilight (The Score) (220)
    13 Madonna – MDNA (167)
    14 Bee Gees – Saturday Night Fever (161)
    15 Bruno Mars – Doo-Wops & Hooligans (156)
    16 Steps – Gold (154)
    17 James Horner – Titanic: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack (145)
    18 Jennifer Lopez – Love? (143)
    19 Garbage – Garbage (128)
    20 Lily Allen – It's Not Me, It's You (124)
    21 Mariah Carey – Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (122)
    22 Garbage – Version 2.0 (115)
    23 The Ting Tings – Sounds From Nowheresville (113)
    24 Paloma Faith – Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? (112)
    25 Whitney Houston – My Love Is Your Love (109)
  • POOLSTAR - My Rapture

    22 nov 2012, 08:47 av GOMRecords

    Taken from the Poolstar album 4.
  • POOLSTAR - Alone Again (KOOK RMX)

    23 sep 2011, 19:46 av GOMRecords

    English Version below>>>


    ALONE AGAIN, eine Band sucht ihren Drummer - oder: Das Mädchen in dem Video

    Video - song from the POOLSTAR* album “Poolstar” 2006, DJ KOOK-Electro-RMX.

    regie: Felix Kinniro, Töff Malstroem
    camera: Felix Kinniro, Töff Malstroem
    cutter & editor: Felix Kinniro
    music: POOLSTAR* "alone again" KOOK-RMX from the album "Poolstar"
    thanks to: Michéle Josephine, René Bessel
    production & copyright: GOMRecords 2011

    Nach zwei aufregenden Jahren (2008 Tour mit Die Ärzte, 2009 Albumrelease + Touren mit The Living End, Itchy Poopzkid und Abwärts) wurde es letztes Jahr etwas ruhig um den Hauptstadtvierer – zu ruhig, was schlicht und ergreifend daran lag, dass sich der langjährige Drummer Hauser plötzlich und überraschend aus dem Pool verabschiedete und ins Privatleben zurück zog, um dort seine Bahnen zu schwimmen. Und so waren Felix, Töff und Spree ganz plötzlich ALONE AGAIN.

    Doch vor ein paar Wochen konnte ein neuer Rettungsschwimmer für den vakanten POOLSTAR-Drum-Thron gefunden werden. Er hört auf den Namen Biffy Dom, hat vorher bei der Berliner Band LAID getrommelt und treibt seit seinem Eintauchen ins Bandgefüge das Songwriting mit abwechslungsreichen Beats voran.

    Während POOLSTAR also nun die meiste Zeit dieses „Sommers“ in ihrem Kreuzberger Keller mit dem Schreiben neuer Songs verbrachten, nutzten sie doch einen der wenigen schöneren Abende und Nächte, um in den Straßen Berlins ein Video für den DJ Kook-Elektro-Remix des 2006er-Hits ALONE AGAIN zu drehen, der so treffend zugleich das Bandgefühl der letzten Monate und die immer wiederkehrende Stimmung in dieser Stadt auf den Punkt bringt. Und damit allen Fans und Freunden von POOLSTAR das Warten auf das nächste Album nicht zu lang wird, haben sie es jetzt sogar der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich gemacht.

    Übrigens: Passend zum Titel ALONE AGAIN lernte die Band Michéle Josephine, das Mädchen in dem Video, über Facebook kennen, Tummelplatz aller, die das Alleinsein nicht ertragen können. Man verabredete sich spontan für ihren nächsten Berlin-Besuch zu einer Art Blind Date, bei dem die Band sie für ein paar Stunden mit der Kamera begleitete. Heraus gekommen ist ein kleiner Kurzfilm, der die Augenblicke des Alleinseins in den Straßen dieser Stadt stimmungsvoll einfängt.

    Aber irgendwann hat auch alles Alleinsein und Warten ein Ende! Denn wo ein neuer Drummer und ein neues Video sind, da trägt auch das Neue-Songs-Schreiben schnell gewaltige Früchte, und so kann im ersten Halbjahr 2012 mit einem neuen POOLSTAR-Album gerechnet werden! Wir freuen uns drauf!


    ALONE AGAIN, a band is looking for a drummer
    - Or: The girl in the video

    Video - song taken from the POOLSTAR* album “Poolstar” 2006, DJ KOOK-Electro-RMX.

    Direction: Felix Kinniro, Töff Malstroem
    Camera: Felix Kinniro, Töff Malstroem
    Cutter & editor: Felix Kinniro
    Music: POOLSTAR* "alone again" KOOK-RMX from the album "Poolstar"
    Thanks to: Michéle Josephine, René Bessel
    Production & Copyright: GOMRecords 2006/2011

    After two exciting years (2008 tour with Die Ärzte, 2009 album release + tour with The Living End, Itchy Poopzkid and Abwärts) we have heard very little about the four Berliners in 2010 and 2011 - too little, which was purely and simply because the long-time drummer Hauser suddenly and unexpectedly left the pool for dry swimming in private life. And so Felix, Töff and Spree were suddenly ALONE AGAIN.

    But in the middle of 2011, a new lifeguard for the vacant POOLSTAR drum throne was found. He goes by the name of Biffy Dom, has previously drummed for the Berlin grunge band LAID and now drives POOLSTAR’s song writing ahead with varied beats.

    While POOLSTAR spent most of the summertime in their Kreuzberg basement writing new songs, they used one of the few beautiful evenings and nights in the streets of Berlin to shoot a video for the DJ Kook electro remix of the 2006 hit ALONE AGAIN. The video brings both, the band feeling of the last few months and the recurrent mood in this city, to its point.

    By the way: according to the song’s title, ALONE AGAIN, the band “met” the girl in the video on Facebook, a playground for all those who cannot bear being somehow alone. They made a spontaneous appointment on her next visit to Berlin, a kind of blind date, where she accompanied the band for a few hours with the camera. The result is a little short film that captures atmospherically moments of loneliness in the streets of a city that is so full of people.

    But at some point all being alone and waiting is over! For where there is a new drummer and a new video, there will be new songs and a new POOLSTAR album in the first half of 2012! We are looking forward to it!

  • Unique artists

    16 mar 2011, 09:29 av MarMar627

    Why, as a matter of fact, I am procrastinating.

    First, make a list of your top-20 artists overall. Then, for each of these artists, add the 8 most similar artists to your list. Delete any duplicates, count up the number of entries on your list and this will give you some idea of how eclectic your listening habits are. A score of 9 represents an extremely unvaried musical taste while a 160 represents an extremely varied one.

    #1. Clay Aiken
    1) Diana DeGarmo
    2) Kimberley Locke
    3) Justin Guarini
    4) Michael Johns
    5) 98 Degrees
    6) Elliott Yamin
    7) Danny Gokey
    8) David Cook

    #2. Jason Mraz
    9) Tristan Prettyman
    10) Eric Hutchinson
    11) John Mayer
    12) James Morrison
    13) Justin Nozuka
    14) Matt Wertz
    15) Matt Nathanson
    16) Marron 5

    #3. Green Day
    17) Foxboro Hot Tubs
    18) Pinhead Gunpowder
    19) The Network
    20) U2 and Green Day
    21) My Chemical Romance
    22) Sum 41
    23) blink-182
    24) Good Charlotte

    #4. The Killers
    25) Brandon Flowers
    26) The Strokes
    27) Franz Ferdinand
    28) Muse
    29) Coldpay
    30) Kaiser Chiefs
    31) Arctic Monkeys
    32) The Kooks

    #5. Robbie Williams
    33) Take That
    34) Robbie Williams & Kylie Minogue
    35) Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman
    36) Mark Owen
    37) Robbie Williams & Gary Barlow
    38) Gary Barlow
    39) George Michael
    40) Olly Murs

    #6. Metric
    41) Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
    42) Emily Haines
    43) Stars
    44) Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    45) Broken Social Scene
    46) Tegan and Sara
    47) Sex Bob-Omb
    48) Rilo Kiley

    #7. Tegan and Sara
    49) Tegan Quin
    50) An Horse
    51) Rachael Cantu
    52) Plunk
    53) Sick of Sarah
    54) The Cliks
    55) Kaki King
    56) Uh Huh Her

    #8. Lily Allen
    57) Kate Nash
    58) Katy Perry
    59) The Ting Tings
    60) Lady Gaga
    61) Gwen Stefani
    62) Marina & the Diamonds
    63) P!nk
    64) Avril Lavigne

    #9. Lady Gaga
    65) Ke$ha
    Katy Perry
    66) Semi Precious Weapons
    67) Rihanna
    68) Natalia Kills
    69) Simon Curtis
    70) Jeffree Star
    71) Christina Aguilera

    #10. Amy Winehouse
    72) Duffy
    73) Adele
    74) Corinne Bailey Rae
    75) Lily Allen
    76) Joss Stone
    77) Dionne Bromfield
    78) Cássia Eller
    79) Vanessa da Mata

    #11. The New Pornographers
    80) A.C. Newman
    81) Neko Case
    82) Immaculate Machine
    83) Kathryn Calder
    84) Destroyer
    85) The Decemberists
    86) Wolf Parade
    87) Spoon

    #12. Stars
    88) Amy Millan
    Broken Social Scene
    91)The Most Serene Republic
    92) Reverie Sound Revue
    Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
    Rilo Kiley

    #13. Rilo Kiley
    93) Jenny Lewis
    94) Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins
    95) Jenny and Johnny
    96) The Elected
    97) Tilly and the Wall
    98) The Whispertown 2000
    99) Johnathan Rice
    100) She & Him

    #14. Death Cab for Cutie
    101) Ben Gibbard
    102) The Postal Service
    103) The Shins
    The Decemberists
    104) Bright Eyes
    105) Brand New
    106) Dashboard Confessional
    107) Manchester Orchestra

    #15. Spoon
    108) White Rabbits
    109) The Walkmen
    110) Wilco
    111) The New Pornographers
    112) Britt Daniel
    Wolf Parade
    113) Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
    114) Pavement

    #16. Eric Hutchinson
    115) Ernie Halter
    Matt Wertz
    Justin Nozuka
    116) Gavin DeGraw
    117) Jason Mraz
    Matt Nathanson
    118) Josh Kelley
    119) Brett Dennen

    #17. The Pipettes
    120) Rose Elinor Dougall
    121) Lucky Soul
    122) The Long Blondes
    123) The Like
    124) The Indelicates
    125) Those Dancing Days
    126) The School
    127) Camera Obscura

    #18. Arctic Monkeys
    128) The Last Shadow Puppets
    129) The Rascals
    The Strikes
    The Kooks
    Franz Ferdinand
    130) Milburn
    131) The Little Flames
    132) The Libertines

    #19. Kaiser Chiefs
    Franz Ferdinand
    133) Kasabian
    134) The Fratellis
    135) Razorlight
    136) The Killers
    Arctic Monkeys
    137) Dirty Pretty Things
    138) The Pigeon Detectives

    #20. Muse
    Franz Ferdinand
    The Killers
    139) Placebo
    140) Radiohead
    141) 30 Seconds to Mars
    142) White Lies
    Kaiser Chiefs

    Final Score:
  • Britney Spears - Till The World Ends

    4 mar 2011, 01:11 av blueslave

    Britney Spears
    Femme Fatale
    Till the World Ends
    Jive Records

    ¡Oops!...Lo inevitable ya paso. Se ha filtrado lo que será el segundo single de “Femme Fatale”, el tema que fue escrito por la trashy pop girl Ke$ha. Si “Hold It Against Me” era la entrada, este es el plato fuerte alto en carbohidratos.

  • Lady Gaga - Born This Way Video Review

    28 feb 2011, 18:46 av blueslave

    Lady Gaga
    Born This Way
    Born This Way
    Dirección: Nick Knight & Lady Gaga

    Es años 70’s, es ciencia ficción, es surrealista, es visceral, es épico, es tétrico, es un viaje mental, es muchas cosas. Lady Gaga (quien cita como influencias Salvador Dali y Francis Bacon) ha sacado básicamente su video más surreal y artístico hasta la fecha. Ponerle cabeza a todas las piezas que conforman el video es hacer un genocidio neuronal.

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