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    Journal Index

    My journal entries (because makes you load all the back issues instead of just giving a list of titles... what's up with that?)

    Funny Nightwish pictures >>> my opinions on music
    Concert Report: The Singing Kettle, March 23, 1991, Edinburgh, Scotland
    The Single Greatest Moment in the History of Nightwish on for All Time
    Pre-Fall Albums (...Summer Albums....)
    Red Warrior: End of an Era (Tarja/Nightwish/Hans Zimmer Fan Video)
    (It's pretty good, I majored in film :-P) [HD version coming soon]
    Countdown to Leaves' Eyes' Njord: Song Meaning Research
    No-Budget Homemade Shirts
    23 Favorite Music Videos
    Top female vocalists and why
    Stained Glass Jumping Spider
    March 16, 2007. April 9, 2007. And October 1, 2007.
    March 10, 2007
    Norwegian = Awesome
    Favourite Tags FOR REALS
    Most Boring Journal Entry Yet
    Rabauti/Zygatus (and new film scores)
    Worst Journal Entry Yet
    Nightwish - A Return to the Sea
    (all the things that are awesome about it)
    How to split a track containing a hidden track
    Liek zomg 4 besT toP artisT weeK eveR
    Jourchive Rannal Ardom Obelisk II - Writ March 4, 2007
    Journal Random Archive Dent I - January 19, 2007

    Some good journals by other people:
    The troublesome word "gothic" and its myriad meanings
    Neanderthals, Death and Growling: How It Can Kill Your Daughter (A defense of harsh/growl vocals against critics from a former devotee of Coldplay)
    Expressing Your Opinion: Tops and Bottoms immaturity - "apparently Ludwig van Beethoven, The Beatles, and Radiohead are all metal."
    Interview with Tuomas Holopainen
    (excellent interview, early 2009)
    Nightwish Bingo!

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