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In musical terminology, addiction is a state in which the body relies on music for normal functioning and develops physical dependence. When music is suddenly removed, it will cause withdrawal, a characteristic set of signs and symptoms. Addiction is generally associated with increased indulgence. In musical terms, addiction is not necessarily associated with overindulgence since addiction can result from listening to music as feelings processing.

However, common usuage of the term addiction has spread to include a wider range of meanings, including ones associated with psychological dependence. It is used to describe a recurring compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity, despite harmful consequences to the individual's health, mental state or social life. The term is often reserved for copyright abuse problems or internet addictions but it is sometimes applied to other compulsions, such as compulsive hoarding and/or mp3-player addiction. Factors that have been suggested as causes of addiction include genetic, biological, spiritual and social factors.

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